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Happy looking at Tits! :-)

18 Feb 2018

Thankyou audience and Thankyou to all the people who donated to the OMNIA COLLECTORS ITEMS auctions!
Special big Pagan Thanx to:
Barbel Tervoorl for donating €100,- for "PaganFolkLore"!
Simon Bach for donating €35,- for "Omnia 3"EP!
Jeroen Zoet for donating €45,- for the "WolfLove" original print!
And all those who gave generously for Omnia History and NATURE!
Nature, Like the tits , jays, blackbirds and finches I'm looking at in this picture! ;-)

Peace and Nature love!
Shaman SteveSic

Ah the Theatre!

17 Feb 2018

Last Night we were in this beautifull 200 year old venue in Enschede (de kleine Willem) 
Tonight we play for our friends in the good old "Dialoog" in Ermelo! ...
Pic by Kees Stravers

The FIRST theatre show of the tour!

17 Feb 2018

OK...THAT was amazing fun! 

Wow... we'd almost forgotten how cool it is to play for a lively lovely atmosheric full Theatre (this one was more than 200 years old!) 
The audience was GREAT!!
(Who came from all over the place to see us!Holland, Germany, Ireland, Belgium)
Thank YOU so much!
We still got a couple of hours driving home on the road now...
Tomorrow we play the next theatre one in Ermelo!

OMNIA Theatre tour starts tomorrow!

15 Feb 2018

Where we will be playing mainly very OLD OMNIA songs during this "Celtic World" tour!

There will be at least 5 songs from "Crone of War", 4 from "PaganFolk", 4 from "Alive!" and 3 from "WolfLove" in this Theatre set! ...

plus some other bits and pieces of OMNIA weirdness we like!





ps: Crone of War is now available on I-Tunes etc.


10 Feb 2018

As you may have read in our newsletter we're auctioning off rare OMNIA collectors items which have been take out of print over the years at EACH of the shows on our upcoming theatre tour.
You can make a bid for these items at our merchandise stand during every show of this tour.
and the highest bidder ofcourse gets to take the prized item(s) home!.

the following collectors items will be made available at EACH of the 15 Theatre venues during this coming tour:

Say "hi" to Yorick!

9 Feb 2018

Let me introduce The longest performing Omnia member!
(Well... apart from me that is)
Yorick has been with OMNIA since BEFORE the very beginning (my son Damien Raven used to play with him as a baby ... and he was already a member of the monks of "Chaos in Motion" back in the day!)

He's never complained or moaned about hard work, never demanded more money or hassled me with lawyers, never had "Diva" or ego problems and never played or sung out of tune!
Yorick has always done his job diligently with a permanent cheery smile on his face!