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Simple Happiness :-)

8 Jan 2018


Happiness Can be as simple as a walk in Nature with the one you love...

Do YOU have something simple that makes YOU happy too?

Greenthingz and Peace
Pope Stenny


7 Jan 2018

Working on the disc artwork for the newnew is the truetrue!

"It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection" (Oscar Wilde)

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are...

Pic by Jenny

Can you feel Alive today?

6 Jan 2018

Greenthings from the Stenny Studio, where artwork deadlines for the upcoming new CD are being kept (sigh...sweat...but.... it's gonna be lovely!)

Happy Jenny Live picture by Helmut Tomkevicius

Nose Flutes

5 Jan 2018

So... on popular demand, it's time for another golden oldie pic!

This one is so old, that apparently Steve is still figuring out how to play the flutes...

Taken in the Archeological theme park in Eindhoven, NL, somewhere in the Iron Age.

Giggles and bad humour
Jenny & SteveSic

We really have no clue who made this photo (if you are the photographer, let us know!)


4 Jan 2018

The first full-length PaganFolk album EVER produced by SteveSic AND Jenny TOGETHER way back in 2004!
"CRONE of WAR" is a milestone in OMNIA history. This album truly kickstarted the worldwide PaganFolk scene and put OMNIA into the forefront of a rapidly expanding movement of Musick, Lifestyle and NatureWorship.

The Old and the New... Happy New Year! an OLD CD and a NEW CD coming up!

3 Jan 2018

So my friends! There was a lot of noise a few days back and the sky around our forest hill was filled with scary lights and horrendous explosions like it was the war to end all wars... So I presume that theoretically a "new year" has started ;-)
Well... at least a new calender date has appeared and we are now living in 2018!
We have survived another cycle of seasons and are ready for the next!

"My Raven's eye sees all" 15cm PATCH!

30 Dec 2017

Check it out ;-) The all seeing Raven of the Gods... this extra large (15 cm/ 6 inch) OMNIA Mystic Raven patch will look lovely anywhere! sew it on your Jacket, Bag, Bottom, Horse, Boob, Beerbelly or whatever larger-sized place you fancy!

get it here in our webshop 



29 Dec 2017

It’s that time of year to grow a bit nostalgic. So here’s a really old picture of a 23-year old Jenny laying down some bodhrán tracks for the 2004 OMNIA CD “Crone of War”….Remember that album?

Good luck surviving the war tomorrow night, all you fellow misanthropists ;-)
Put down some extra food and water for our furry and feathered friends, they will be very thankful!

Nostalgic Jenny

PS: Would you like more regular posts with ultra-old pictures? We got a bunch!

Strange Flowers grow in our forest..

28 Dec 2017

Look at the strange bouquet I picked on my forestwalk today?

Just "growing" in the forest...

Today the sales of consumer explosives started again... haha!
In this age of brutal "safety measures" against terrorists it seems really weird to give the dirtiest,most damaging gunpowder from China to all the happy little citizens , so that they can celebrate  their respect for life together by blowing it up.

Humans! You gotta love the way they think!  ;-)