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Depression on TERRA OMNIA! (Impressions: 6)

10 Oct 2020

Gods! this is sooo Depressing!
I’m talking of our ancient Apple press, built in 1939 to an unchanged medieval pattern, which we restored to take care of some pressing pomonic nectar matters ;-)

This old creaky man pumps 50 litres of pure apple and pear juice per squeeze!

That sure is a whole lotta happy depression eh?

As the world of techno monkeys goes voluntarily insane it’s best to regress

Oldschool rules!


Greenz , Health and Praise to Pomona!

My serious Medical condition....

3 Oct 2020

My serious Medical condition,
Prevents me from wearing a mask in stores...

You see,

I'm highly allergic to bullshit


My body is extremely sensitive to enslavement

That's just the way I'm made :-)

Hugs, positivity and Greenthingz!
Shaman Sic

Fairy in my window...

11 Sep 2020

...there's a fairy in my window
And she's painting all the wood
So when winter cold comes calling
It will keep us well and good

Greenz and the Art of Home improvement


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Big City Vibe

9 Sep 2020

We went to the capital city (Ljubljana) today,
you know....
Us, simple country folk, coming down from the mountain to buy some supplies
Imagine my surprise
when instead of supplies
I found my name on a wall

(Although I see they mistakingly got my rank wrong)

Peace and freedom!
Captain Sic?

Pic by Captain Sensible