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17 Mar 2014

This coming saturday will be a double-special day for OMNIA
1st of all: We will sneakily RELEASE the "EARTH WARRIOR" upon the audience!!
2nd : We will proudly release a NEW OMNIA MUSICK WARRIOR upon the stage!!

On the MPS party in Dortmund this weekend we will be joined on stage by our mystery musick friend ... you'll see what he looks like at the gig there... (or more probably on live pictures from that show because lots of YOU reading this post are not even on the same continent as us this weekend!)....

OMNIA "EARTH WARRIOR" CD Art-preview no.7

19 Jan 2014

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every fucking form of Tyranny!"
-George W Hayduke (1975-?)

"knowing that you have an enemy, gives you the chance to become a warrior..." 

JennyPic by SteveSic 
well... seeing as I have about 700 nude-photos of a Jenny EarthWarrior with a bow... I might aswell share the "internet friendly" ones with you... so... you like?

OMNIA Earth Warrior Art-preview no.6!

19 Jan 2014

Meet the Special OMNIA "Earth Warrior" choir from Denmark!
(under direction of Harald Juul of Euzen)
These wonderfull young ladies have been recorded by Christopher in the LavaStudio this week for a special track we're putting on the new CD!

these free-spirited viking singers are : Ida, Amanda, Alice, Jenni, Matilda, Daniella, Mille and Latitia

OMNIA "EARTH WARRIOR" art-preview no.5

17 Jan 2014

This... is a tiny piece of the actual cover of OMNIA's new CD "Earth Warrior"... 
more sneak peeks will follow... if you like them...
within the coming days we will give you the whole finished cover 

somewhere next week we'll give you the planned release date
just a little more waiting keep watching! 

Greenthingz and tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...!
Shaman SteveSic



15 Jan 2014

As the light of life wanes with the setting of the sunSo the Moon rises... heralding the night time of sleep in Death,only to be reborn on some other day...on the Darkest nights there is always hope
Shaman SteveSic

night-time picture outside the Stennystudio by Sic


14 Jan 2014

Today we were busy outside... busy in the forest!... dragging dead trees around and such (don't ask)... and you know... it felt like ...spring?
The bulbs are pushing fresh and green through the earth... leaves are awakening... flowers are unfolding... We even heard a Blackbird singing it's spring song!...
Cute isn't it?

erm... well no.. it's not cute... it's dangerous... it means a lot of death, pain, suffering and destruction will happen when the actual winter starts...

OMNIA "Earth Warrior" Art-preview no.4

10 Jan 2014

"The wilderness once offered a plausible way of life, now it functions as a psychiatric refuge ... Soon there will be no wilderness ... then the madness becomes Universal, and the Universe goes mad"

- Edward Abbey (1927-1987)

quote from "the monkey wrench gang"

"whoever controls the media, controls the mind"
- Jim Morrison (1943- 1971)

I Don’t Speak Human…

8 Jan 2014

As you might have noticed, we’ve reached over 500k views on YouTube with our Official ”I Don’t Speak Human” video!
Thank YOU for sharing this message with the world. 

Unfortunately the weather is still changing, nature is still confused and lots of people still don’t understand a word nature is saying…
That’s why we think NOW is the right time to share this message again, due to the growth of our virtual World oOMNIA on these so called ”Social Media”.