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there's a NEW RAVENTIMES NEWS LETTER in Your mail!

18 Jan 2018

We've written a new RavenTimes NEWSLETTER , which explains a lot about what we're going to be doing this coming year,The New CD's that are being release,  the upcoming theatre tour, ,the Collector's items you can get, the band line-up change, the upcoming music video  productions and lots more!

Plus... there's a special message from Jenny to YOU

check it out! (if you don't get the Raven times yet, you can subscribe on our worldofomnia home page :-)



OMNIA RARE Collector's Items FOR SALE! (15 Theatre shows = 15 auctions!)

15 Jan 2018

Would YOU like to have an original OMNIA collector's item?

well...We are going to sell a whole bunch of

unique vintage OMNIA items to help us raise money for our new Nature and Musick projects.

We want to give as many of YOU a decent chance to get hold of these very rare and collectable pieces of OMNIA's history.

That's why we have chosen to do this in the form of 15 VERY fair and simple Auctions, which will be held at EVERY OMNIA "Celtic World" THEATRE SHOW during our upcoming tour!! (february and March in Holland)

New CD artwork!

13 Jan 2018

Sneak preview! This will be on the Disc of our upcoming NEW CD :-)

Can you read the title? ;-)

Shaman SteveSic

MORRIGAN, Crone of War Artwork (p)review...

10 Jan 2018

"Over hills and over meadows,
see the Crow fly feel her shadow.
Over woods and over mountains,
searching for a War...
Her wings embrace each strife and battle,
where swords they clash and chariots rattle.
seeking out the one,
who's time has come to take the blade...

Morrigan ancient Crone of War,
I see your face, I'll cry no more.
Morrigan ancient Crone of War,
come lift me on your wings.

Simple Happiness :-)

8 Jan 2018


Happiness Can be as simple as a walk in Nature with the one you love...

Do YOU have something simple that makes YOU happy too?

Greenthingz and Peace
Pope Stenny


7 Jan 2018

Working on the disc artwork for the newnew is the truetrue!

"It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection" (Oscar Wilde)

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are...

Pic by Jenny

Can you feel Alive today?

6 Jan 2018

Greenthings from the Stenny Studio, where artwork deadlines for the upcoming new CD are being kept (sigh...sweat...but.... it's gonna be lovely!)

Happy Jenny Live picture by Helmut Tomkevicius

Nose Flutes

5 Jan 2018

So... on popular demand, it's time for another golden oldie pic!

This one is so old, that apparently Steve is still figuring out how to play the flutes...

Taken in the Archeological theme park in Eindhoven, NL, somewhere in the Iron Age.

Giggles and bad humour
Jenny & SteveSic

We really have no clue who made this photo (if you are the photographer, let us know!)


4 Jan 2018

The first full-length PaganFolk album EVER produced by SteveSic AND Jenny TOGETHER way back in 2004!
"CRONE of WAR" is a milestone in OMNIA history. This album truly kickstarted the worldwide PaganFolk scene and put OMNIA into the forefront of a rapidly expanding movement of Musick, Lifestyle and NatureWorship.