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Cool drummer

14 Nov 2015

This is what a cool drummer looks like after two great days of recording sessions in Wisseloord studios!


Pic by sic 

Recording sessions in Wisseloord studio Hilversum!

14 Nov 2015

We're recording in one of the most famous studios in the world this weekend! The historically very important WISSELOORD where such bands as the Rolling stones, Metallica, Rammstein etc have made many great recordings over the long years of it's history...

There you can just about see Rob butsing away on his drumkit!
Pic by sic

NEW CD "NAKED HARP"... arrives tomorrow!!!

12 Nov 2015

(we hope...)

Oh... this is all kind of exciting and stressfull at the same time!... the excitement of getting the very first, freshly printed CD version of "NAKED HARP" actually in your sweaty hands after all the loooong months of production work... the planning,the composition, the recordings, the editing , the mixing, the mastering, the artwork, the choice of what kind of cover, the sketching and brainstorming, the long foto sessions with a naked Jenny to get the pictures for Victoria Francés - Official who did all the illustrations in the most beautifull booklet!
Sadly We couldn't make it to Spain for Jenny to pose live for Victoria,because we were too busy with touring etc... and I got lumbered with the arduous task of being the photographer!... what a life! ;)

Anyway after months of preparation we will FINALLY see and hear the results (well actually... we already know what it sounds like ... it sounds fecking AWESOME!!! ) 

Satrya in the studio!

9 Nov 2015

For the first time EVER !!!
Yep, today is Satrya's OMNIA STUDIO VIRGIN DAY as he lays down tasty tracks on his guitars (as well as banjo and Morinkhuur) here in the wonderfull ORCHUS studio!!

Pic by Sic

Harvesting MUSICK!...ANOTHER NEW OMNIA CD starts today!

7 Nov 2015

While our brand spanking new album "NAKED HARP" is being printed (to be released THIS MONTH!)

We will start on recording ANOTHER NEW OMNIA CD TODAY!! (title still secret)

Greenthingz, golden brown thingz and Harvesting REAL musick!!

The hard life of a Musician 

24 Oct 2015

part:532 "Pre Recording"

CD's full of NEW SONGS don't appear out of thin air, ya know!
We're busy pre-recording all the new works to get them ready for the "real" studio recordings which start next month!


(That's right! We start recording ANOTHER CD in November ... That's the same month that the NEW CD "NAKED HARP" will be released!!!)


19 Oct 2015
Cover image of new harp CD

release date 27th of november 2015!!

please help our independant little asses and share this blog!

Yes I can finally show YOU the brilliant Cover of our new CD "Naked Harp" made by none other than the wonderfull, talented, beautifull ,charming and very lovable spanish ArtistVictoria Frances!!!

We have always loved her Artwork and have been a fan of hers for many years...

She has always loved our Musick and has been a fan of OMNIA for many years...

So we decided this year to work together on this beautifull new CD production centred all around the magical music of the Celtic Harp.

Working hard but dreaming...

17 Oct 2015

Some days, when working on new CD's in crowded Holland, we long for the restfull silence of the forest...
We've been out of our little house for what seems like ages now , working working working on NEW "OMNIA stuff"... but today we are back and we rest...
We look at the trees and the birds, we experience the deeper meanings of Life and Love together...

I haven't had time to blog normally to you for ages now..(sorry) but it's because we are working for YOU and for NATURE

so ,short blog again... we are alive, and all is well!...