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OMNIA Fan Art!!

20 Sep 2015

Wow! Look at this fecking Awesome picture drawn by the wonderfully talented Selene Oriel Dobrinski.

It warms my heart that we could inspire such ART!

XXX Greenthingz on Artistic Wingzzzz!
Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA

ps: Selene: It was great meeting you and your sister yesterday in the omnia backstage, I thought it was a real shame we didn't have time to talk longer..


18 Sep 2015

I am sooo sorry but I'm afraid that the Historica - Pagan festival in Coucy le Chateau, France on 25 september 2015 has been CANCELLED due to some unfortunate organisational mistakes.
We believe that the organisers really meant well, but sadly (for us all) it takes a lot more than good intentions to organise and promote a large scale festival like this...
It breaks my Artistic heart to tell you that OMNIA is NOT going to play in "la belle France" for YOU this year...

Muchos Gracias Festival Mediaval!!!

16 Sep 2015

(impressions of an AMAZING festival weekend)

Wow... What a fecking PARTY in Selb this year!!!
This weekend was really great, the weather was awesome, sunny and bright! (unlike the heavy rains we have now)

Practice makes perfect!

10 Sep 2015

We're jammin'!
We're jammin'!
And if you wanna be jammin' too?
Then come and join one of the workshops by Rob (percussion) and Daphyd (didgeridoo) on the friday and sunday afternoon at the festival mediaval this weekend!!!

Pic by Erwin Marley

Today the In Extremo Party!!

4 Sep 2015

Which was fucking awesome!

Tomorrow the big Ö !!!
MPS Öjendorf here we come smile-emoticon

Xxxxx OMNIA!

Pic by the king of SoundSystems Sascha

Free Bird Fly...

16 May 2014

I have a hobby I like to call "bird holding"... no seriously!
(although it's not so much of a hobby as something that just keeps happening in my life.)