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Good Pagan/ Bad Pagan...

8 May 2014

the importance of ritual... 
(yep it's a long one again!)

We're non-dogmatic Pagans , which means that we worship the living Planet as our one supply of Life, Love and Reason... but we have no written rules that dictate how we "do it"... So basically Life itself is our whole palette of Gods and Goddesses... it's our one and only religion... it comes straight from the heart...
We don't have very strict dogma's like most regular religions who's doctrines seem to lean more towards rules of "domination and submission" as well as the ever-popular "let's judge the sinners! " . Our faith leans more towards rules of "let's have a nice life and enjoy the good things she has to offer" as well as "let's get along together without causing too much harm"

Beautifull Harp Woman

7 May 2014

 Gnarly Old ManTree

and the photographer's that makes three!........
now that's poetry! 

Speaking of "OldManTree" we will play our LAST THEATRE SHOW of this season coming friday in 

StadsTheater Zoetermeer (NL)

and OldManTree is on the theatre setlist (ofcourse!)

The big hall is almost sold out... but there are still some tickets left... so, I'm sure we can squeeze in a few more freaks!

Enjoying the sun ^^

6 May 2014

Today we're rehearsing for our upcoming Theater show in Zoetermeer (NL). This will be the only theater gig of this Don't miss it!!!  

(Tickets and info)

Greeeeenz and Peace, OMNIA

Picture by Patricio



30 Apr 2014

The New "EARTH WARRIOR" shirts that Sic designed are finished!!!
get the robust "Standard Organic cotton Tee-shirt" (€15,-)
or our super sexy  girly "lacy top" (€25,-)

These lovely rebellious statements of your support for Nature and OMNIA will be sold at our live-merchandise stand at OMNIA concerts and ofcourse also in our online web-shop Starting this weekend!

HokaHey! wear 'em with PRIDE!


28 Apr 2014

Day 3... the horror continues ;-)

Monkey Monkey Monkey Boyzzzz!!!

Greenz and Hoehahahaaaaaargh!!!!

Pic by Mighty Mies


27 Apr 2014

day 2... it's raining

We're filming parts of the EarthWarrior video this weekend. 
It's been amazingly sunny all week , perfect Movie-weather!
so today we got up terribly early for some full and exciting days of movie-magic!
and as the camera's started rolling... so did the rainclouds!... mother nature decided to bless us with some rain today 
and now we wait... while the rain drip drip drips... and wait... untill the Sun shows her face again so we can carry on making stunning visuals to go with the stunning sounds of our new album "Earth Warrior"!
Are YOU an Earth warrior?
Would YOU like to be in the new OMNIA video aswell?
keep checking out this page and find out how YOU can join us!!

OMNIA Rocks all the way to the Top!!

24 Apr 2014


ok... this is Stoner-humor from the Dutch mountains  ;-)
(we may be woolyheaded... be we know how to ROCK! ;-)

mini-Omnia and mr.Fluffy made and donated by  Verena  Vee

picture by the gods of Olympus

really bad overkill punning by Sic

(sorry... but I did warn you ;-)

Legalize it!!! (and I will advertise it!)

23 Apr 2014

Ok people... so let's please stop fucking around with ridiculous and unjust laws that only protect business interests and turn freedom loving freaks into supposed criminals...

Cannabis aka "weed" needs to be legalised NOW!