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From this page you can download the official pictures and logo's for printing and/or website use, the official PR story of ​OMNIA to be used for announcing our concerts, our technical & hospitality rider, an assortment of links to official OMNIA video's you may embed on your website so you can listen and see what we sound like.

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OMNIA PR text:


OMNIA is very hard to describe because OMNIA really is a band like no other...

They are the alternatives of the alternative scene.

OMNIA has built up a worldwide following of millions of listeners and admirers in the past 20 years since they started, mostly through word of mouth and the loyalty of their fan base of freedom and music lovers who support OMNIA and their PaganFolk musick and lifestyle.

Although they succesfully tour worldwide and have already released their 16th CD in 2016 (OMNIA-"Prayer"), they do this all by themselves. Omnia operates as a self-managed outlaw band that stays outside the normal music business and away from all standard music-media like commercial internet, radio and televison marketing. 

OMNIA's musick is pure, acoustic and fresh. It's Musick that has been drawn straight from the Earth. Pulsating drum beats, driving rhythms, elegant melodies and intertwining vocal harmonies that inspire the love of nature and the spirituality of the living planet...feel the spirit move you.


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OMNIA Logo © Steve Sic Evans-van der Harten

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