Kokopelli Hoka Hey! Live Video (March 2019)

Kokopelli HokaHey!

This is the essence of OMNIA's PaganFolk tribal sound, ritual musick for archaic Nature Gods played skillfully on ancient handmade instruments. During the recording of this version of “Kokopelli Hokakey!”, the OMNIA stage-set up was at it's most basic, just four of us playing with Flute, Didge, Drums, Voice and pure OMNIA Nature Energy…What a Party we had!

This video was filmed in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Czech Republic during the OMNIA European tour of 2017

This track was recorded in front of a (very!) Live audience of wonderful OMNIA fans in a completely jam-packed "Meat Factory" club in Prague (Czech Republic).

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Directed and produced by OMNIA Music/ Pagan Scum Records
Camera and editing by Daphyd Sens
Music & lyrics by Steve Sic & Jenny Evans-van der Harten
Kokopelli written in 2014
All music, video & publishing rights ©PaganScum Records 2019