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CD Earth Warrior (2014)

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The climate has changed, the polar ice is melting, the sky weeps acid... Our beautiful Earth is under constant attack.
Her rich green forests and endless oceans are being turned into a polluted, barren wasteland...
The wild children of the Earth are being hunted into extinction while their enslaved cousins are bred for slaughter, abused and tortured to death in mass concentration camps...
The time for the Earth warriors to rise up has come!


No... this is not a movie-plot... this is today's reality... and this is what OMNIA's new album "Earth Warrior" is all about!
OMNIA's 14th independant production is a studio concept album, about the Living Earth and the fight against her destruction by humanity, containing 14 OMNIA compostitions written in varying acoustic musick styles, from classical, country, bluegrass, hardrock, jazz, native american, celtic-folk and Balkan all the way to OMNIA's original PaganFolk.
As with all OMNIA albums, Earth Warrior was not made to fit "the standard Format" of the music industry... OMNIA is wild, OMNIA is unchained... and so is their musick... that's why the album is called "EARTH WARRIOR"!

OMNIA musicians on Earth Warrior:

SteveSic Evans-van der Harten (vocals, ethnic vocal styles, flutes, bouzouki)
Jenny Evans-van der Harten (vocals, piano, neo-celtic harp, bodhrán)
Daphyd Crow Sens (didgeridoo, slideridoo and vocals)
Rob van Barschot (drums and percussion)

Guest musicians:

Maria Franz (Norway): Vocals
Joe Hennon (Ireland): DADGAD Acoustic Guitar
Kalin Yordanov (Bulgaria) - Daf
Peter Todorov (Bulgaria): Darabuka
Fieke van den Hurk (Netherlands): Accordeon
Kobenhavn junior girl-choir (Denmark): Vocals



1.   Weltschmerz (2:44)
2.   Earth Warrior (4:25)
3.   Babu Bawu (4:30)
4.   Kokopelli (4:52)
5.   Crazy Man (4:09)
6.   Triceltika (3:18)
7.   Epona (3:29)
8.   Black House (2:45)
9.   Mutant Monkey (2:58)
10. Cernunnos (4:15)
11. Noodle the Poodle (3:23)
12. Call me Satan (5:26)
13. Free Bird Fly (6:31)
14. Lament for a Blackbird (2:29)

total playing time 55:35 min

Preview the Album here:




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