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Limited edition CyberShaman (2007) with Patch


OMNIA plays only pure PaganFolk and World Music on acoustic traditional instruments. This means: no computers, no artificial beats…what you see on stage is what you hear.
But this doesn’t mean we don’t like to listen and dance to electronic dance music! And that’s the “raison d’etre’ for this remix CD. Filled to the brim with OMNIA’s shamanic Pagan sounds warped by all sorts of groovy computer tricks, subsonic beats, freaky sample trax…the works!
This is another OMNIA sound altogether…distilled from the teachings of faeries in the forest, reflected through the silicon looking glass of the computer and projected onto the dark dance floor of the underground Gothic club…so get “skyclad” and dance!

The first limited edition of Cybershaman (OMNIA’s first re-mix CD) came with a special sew-on cloth/stitched patch included. We thought they were completely sold out. But while cleaning out our attic, we found a small batch of CyberShaman CD's WITH Patch included!

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