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Live Religion *SIGNED* (2004)


Live Religion

Year: 2004

This album was recorded live, bootleg-style, un-edited and pure, on a tiny Sony-Mini Disc recorder with one microphone, in one of the last christian churches we ever played in…during the Gothic festival “Summer Darkness” which couldn’t stay alive although they paid the bands hardly anything ;)

OMNIA played an acoustic UNAMPLIFIED double-show there (for peanuts) together with Faun (who also played for peanuts) in front of a wonderfull live audience of a few hundred Goths (who paid a fortune to see us).

This is a full concert of real old style PaganFolk musick of a young and fresh OMNIA, with some songs at the end together with the young and fresh Faunies, who always sounded so wonderful playing acoustic medieval music…Good memories from simpler days, when we were all still free, poor, but happy musicians, long before the music business and crazy touring life left its marks on us and our friends.


1. Mabon

2. Odi et Amo

3. Etrezomp-ni Kelted

4. Bran

5. Saltatio

6. Morrigan

7. Sales Pitch

8. Dúlamán (feat. Faun)

9. Auta luonto (feat. Faun)


The CD also includes a photoslide show and two video tracks of OMNIA feat. Oliver Styr (if you have the right old computer to run it on!) recorded in another church during Elf Fantasy in Concert:

1. Morrigan

2. Auta luonto


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