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OMNIA Collectors Edition Poster-Set


Still have an empty wall or door that needs some decorating? Why not use this set of OMNIA posters to do it!
Get this limited edition collection for the special price of 33 Euros and OMNIA-fy your house/room today*!

*Will be back in stock soon!

Posters in the collection (Name/Size/Date):

- OMNIA Paganfolk (Portraits) (A2) 2006
- OMNIA Paganfolk (Group) (A2) 2006
- World of OMNIA (A2) 2009
- Musick & Poetree (A2) 2011
- OMNIA I Don't Speak Human (A1) 2012
- Celtic World (A2) 2013
- Earth Warrior (A3) 2014
- Earth Warrior (A1) 2014

Posters are shipped with a Postertube to protect them!


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