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PaganFolk Lore DVD (2008) *SIGNED*



Year: 2008

This truly fascinating classic OMNIA production is the ONLY fairytale book ever written and published telling the true fantasy beginning story of OMNIA and her tribe of fans! Originally released in only a very small number of 2000 pieces total. these are the VERY last 40 left in existence.

Written and illustrated in full colour by: Steve Sic

Additional illustrations by: Miez and acadamy award winner Alan Lee!

This unique hardcover booklet contains the legendary “OMNIA-Live at the FairyBall” DVD recorded in the Pim Jacobs theatre in Holland in front of an audience of costumed dancing freaks and fairies, many of whom later went on to join the scene as Pagan musicians or festival workers.

It also contains lots of other material: Interviews, bad humor, an acoustic Bold Fenian Men at Dreamharps, easter eggs like the ’80’s punk track from former band Scum etc.


1. PaganFolk at the Fairy Ball in the Pim Jacobs Theatre, NL:

2. Intro / Tine Beltaine

3. Wytches' Brew

4. Richard Parker's Fancy

5. The Raven

6. Alive!

7. Dil Gaya

8. Etrezomp Ni Kelted

9. Fairy Tale

10. Saltatio Vita


Live at Castlefest videos:

1. Teutates (with Faun, Gor, Transit Poetry, recorded during Castlefest 2007)

2. The Morrigan (recorded at Castlefest 2007)


1. The Bold Fenian Men (recorded at Dreamharps in Mijdrecht, NL)


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