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Reflexions + Earth Warrior Zipped Unisex Hoodie (Organic!) Combo Deal!


Winter is coming!

Therefore we suggest you try and keep your body warm by dancing to the OMNIA tunes of the "Reflexions" album whilst wearing a cosy, Organic-Quality OMNIA Earth Warrior hoodie!
And whaddayaknow; we've paired them up into a nice combo deal for you!

Get them whilst they're still HOT!

Available in sizes S, M, L and XL.


This NEW organic-quality, black and silver zipped-hoodie is made of thick, high quality materials.
(70% organic regenerated cotton, 30% Polyester)

It has the OMNIA "Earth Warrior" print on the back, the iconic "OMNIA-logo" print on the front, plus the signature OMNIA swirlies printed on BOTH arms!
All done in black, white and gold! (Designed by Steve Sic)

It now also has a BIGGER hood to more easily contain all those dreads and weird ideas, the fabric inside is softer than ever before and it has its width increased slightly as well!
(For more info check the size chart below)


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