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OMNIA Special Collector’s Items

Thank you for wanting to sponsor OMNIA! This is something we are doing as a form of simple “crowd funding” without all the extra “whistles, bells and whatnot” usually associated with these thingz.

Here are limited OMNIA collector’s items, none of these items will be reprinted in these forms ever again, most of them have been waiting in storage since the day they were made for THIS moment!…so this is the only place you will ever see them again (unless you are lucky enough to find them secondhand off other collectors!)

All these items are extremely limited, in amounts ranging from the most (100 pieces in total) to the least (2 pieces in total!). That's all there is for evermore, so it's a "first come, first served" until they are all sold out.
Also: With the exception of „Sine Missione“, ALL CD's and DVD's have been autographed by us (Stenny)!

Because it is technically too difficult for us to arrange a “normal” online auction for all these different items, we have done the following:

In 2018 we had 12 auctions in which a few of all these items were offered to fans during our Theatre Tour.They bid against each other for possession of these pieces.
We’ve based the minimum sales prices here in our shop on the medium price of what those fans actually paid for these pieces of irreplacable OMNIA history (but, of course, because this is an act of support, you are allowed to donate more, to help us, if you so wish).

By donating in exchange for one or more of these collector’s items you are directly supporting OMNIA and all we stand for!

All the profits made from the sales of these items here will go directly toward the acquisition of a sustainable “World of OMNIA” that we are working towards every day!

Thank you and keep on feeling ALIVE!

Stenny et OMNIA


Original CD Sine Missione II (2002)

“Sine Missione II”

Year: 2002

The music-archeological beginnings of OMNIA’s Pagan musick for the Ancient Celtic and Roman Gods!

Sine Missione II is a reworked version of the very FIRST OMNIA CD (“Sine Missione” (Latin: No Mercy), only 100 burned and hand-printed by OMNIA which we made in the 1990’s).

It is an extremely historical CD:

Not only because all the songs are re-constructions of Gallo/Roman music of around the 1st and 2nd century AD.

Not only because these are the very first compositions of PaganFolk ever.


Live Religion *SIGNED* (2004)

Live Religion

Year: 2004

This album was recorded live, bootleg-style, un-edited and pure, on a tiny Sony-Mini Disc recorder with one microphone, in one of the last christian churches we ever played in…during the Gothic festival “Summer Darkness” which couldn’t stay alive although they paid the bands hardly anything ;)

OMNIA played an acoustic UNAMPLIFIED double-show there (for peanuts) together with Faun (who also played for peanuts) in front of a wonderfull live audience of a few hundred Goths (who paid a fortune to see us).

This is a full concert of real old style PaganFolk musick of a young and fresh OMNIA, with some songs at the end together with the young and fresh Faunies, who always sounded so wonderful playing acoustic medieval music…Good memories from simpler days, when we were all still free, poor, but happy musicians, long before the music business and crazy touring life left its marks on us and our friends.


'Original' Wolf Love CD/DVD (2010) *SIGNED*

Wolf Love Special First Print Double CD/DVD Album

Year: 2010

The original DOUBLE DISC version of WOLFLOVE with luxury gold embossed fold-out Digipac cover.

Not only does this package contain the notorious “WolfLove” CD, but this limited collector’s item also includes the original DVD which went with it, containing a.o: “behind the scenes in the studio”, “Live at Castlefest” (the festival we still helped organise back then) and other surprises.


'Original' OMNIA Sticker (2003)

Oldschool Sticker

Year: 2003

The very first bit of 'collectable OMNIA stuff' we ever had made for our fans!

This simple sticker with the very first OMNIA logo designed by Steve Sic comes from the VERY first printed batch… total OMNIA history!

Even this type of sticker-printing technique doesn’t get used anymore…totally hipster man!


OMNIA "Triskel" CD Deal

"Love, War and Prayer!"

The top 3 most genre defining OMNIA cd's all thrown together into one combo deal for a special price! ;)

This deal includes the following CDs:
- "Earth Warrior" (2014)
- "Prayer" (2016)
- "Reflexions" (2018)


OMNIA Linen Bag (Gold)

For Pagans and all nature lovers who don't like plastic, we made this tasteful linen bag which you can use over and over again for your groceries, picknicks or fitness clothes!

"Take your canvas bags to the supermarket!"






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