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Chaos V-neck Summertop


This is the design Shaman SteveSic used to paint (by hand) on his own teeshirts when he was a teenager...

"Everything is Chaos" is one of the basic religious principals of Sic's non-dogmatic paganism.
Now he has re-designed it and this Chaos-star has been skillfully printed onto a limited edition, organic black V-neck top, so that YOU can wear, feel and spread the CREATIVE CHAOS too!! 
With an open back and a nice V neck, you're bound to catch some sunlight. 
And with them being black and very sexy, it makes them "hot" aswell!

These are the last V-necks! It's your last chance to get one! 

Shirts available in sizes S and L!

Chaos is Creativity,
Creativity is Everything,
Everything is Chaos...





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