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Chaos Zipped Unisex Hoodie (On Sale!)


This is the design Shaman SteveSic used to paint (by hand) on his own clothing when he was a teenager...

"Everything is Chaos" is one of the basic religious principals of Sic's non-dogmatic paganism.

Now he has re-designed it and this Chaos-star has been skillfully printed onto the back of this limited edition hoodie, so that YOU can wear, feel and spread the CREATIVE CHAOS too!! 
The sleeves and front are decorated with the much loved OMNIA logo & swirlies, in silverygray this time!

This OMNIA hoodie guaranteed to keep you warm when the ice-age returns!
Available sizes: S and M 
(Only few remaining!)

Chaos is Creativity,
Creativity is Everything,
Everything is Chaos... 


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