Memoires of a tour manager.

29 Jul 2017

Hi, this is Rob, I normally don’t blog, but now I have to get some things of my chest.

This summer I am the tourmanager for OMNIA, and I try to do my job in a responsible way, making sure we have nice experiences with the places that we play.

We make contracts with festivals so we’re sure they take everything seriously, and that we know what to expect when we arrive.

I felt really bad that the 3rd festival we play under my guidance, we had to cancel….

But this is what happened.

When we arrived after 2 long days travel there was no hotel arranged for us. (7 beds for 9 people) Forcing me to have long tiring conversations with untraceable organisers to fix this.

By now we were 1,5 hours late for our soundcheck on the festival, tired and hungry.

We drove there and expected a well organised festival with security at the main gate etc.

But…there was no one checking anything…ANYONE could enter the festival and drive to “the backstage” (a muddy patch of grass with nothing, behind the tiny, poorly constructed and leaking stage)… there were no fences between the public and the stage itself,. There was 1 organiser “V”. who could answer some questions but he wasn’t responsible for the stage so there was no way to make a plan and start fixing this mess.


28 Jul 2017

(Burning a mittelalter Festival)

Dear fans... if you are planning to come and see OMNIA play Paganfolk at the Ehrenberg festival in Austria
We are so so sorry, but we will NOT be there.

The organisation of this mittelalter festival has managed to make such a mess of all our agreements and have broken contract with us on so many points ... (and were very rude and arrogant about it aswell)
that it really has become impossible for us to play there...

Pitstop in Germany!

27 Jul 2017

On our way to Austria! 

On the picture:
OMNIA together with the Crew, visiting Markus and Verena, holding the torch of freedom! 

Freedom for all! 

Greenzz OMNIA

Thanx For all the birthday wellwishes my friends!

26 Jul 2017


To continue on the same theme, Here's a pic of Daphyd,Rob and me in our birtdaysuits , for much needed comic relief in these dramatic times :-)

There we stand in the ice cold elfin sweet-creek ,in Oregon , North America... 
where we will be playing again next month! YEAH!

But first we go to play in the majestic mountains in AUSTRIA this  coming weekend!
And then next week we play in beautifull ITALIA!
...Such a busy life we lead ;-)
Why don't YOU come join us?
Check our online calender for details

SteveSic's Birthday!

24 Jul 2017

WTF?... I turned 50 today!!?
and still not dead yet ... hehehe ;-)
(onkruid vergaat niet)

Greenz and Hokahey!


22 Jul 2017

Hey! Look what I found!
An old "OMNIA PAGAN CLAN" button!
Anybody still Remember the "PaganClan"? (Let me explain)
There used to be semi-organised tribes of Omnia fans (worldwide) who grouped together to do cool Pagan and Nature-oriented things together...
We danced and sang together...
demonstrated together...
volunteered at non profit festivals together...
we "prayed" together...
We dreamed of a better world together...

OMNIA Back in the THEATRE!!

20 Jul 2017


This winter (februari-march 2018) we'll be playing a special Acoustic Theatertour in the Netherlands!

This gives us the chance to play many of the "soft and subtle" pieces that we do not perform at all the big (and rather noisy) festivals around the world where we play normally. 
Would you like to hear the heart-rending drama of "the Raven" played live? 
Would you like to hear some of OMNIA's more spiritual pieces like "Mabon" close up and "for real"?
Would you like to sit back in a comfy chair in the warm cosy surroundings of a darkened theatre and drift away to the musick style of Nature we invented 21 years ago... the purest PaganFolk?

Then WE would like to invite YOU to come and join us this winter in Holland...
check out the dates HERE!

PaganFolk in Italia!

19 Jul 2017

We're gonna play in Bella ITALIA at the Montelago Celtic festival on the 4th of August  VERY SOON!!
check out the details here

I just LOVE Italy! (I worked there as an archeologist many years ago , when I was still young and pretty ;-)
So I hope to see as many of YOU all out there to PaganFolk the Dolce Vita together with us! ;-)


This Horse gotta monkey on it's back!

18 Jul 2017

So, My Body is home...But my mind and heart are still on a horse riding through the Balkan foothills...

Shaman SteveSic

Ps: Here's another Horse Selfie (me on my friend Svetlan)

Do YOU have any weird animal selfies?
I do so love to see mutant monkeys interacting with the "others"

Pps: maybe I'll write some more serious blogs again soon, but at the moment writing on social media scares me a little

Rollin' rollin' rollin'...

12 Jul 2017

Our days are filled with great horses, hot weather,games of archery and balance,warmest friendship and GREAT Bulgarian hospitality at the: 
Школа по езда и стрелба с лък "Пътя на Коня и Лъка"
(Bulgarian horseback archery school
of our friends Vladimir "Vlado", Lydia and Panajot "Pancho". (Who are REAL people who don't speak human, just like us, just like YOU ,if you know what I mean)

A Fool and a Foal

10 Jul 2017

We are back in beautifull Bulgaria!!! in the foothills of the Balkan mountains learning to speak horse :-)

This is me and "little horse" one if the children of the wonderfull herd of amazing natural creatures that lives here (he has no name yet because he's only 2 and a half months old)

We've spent quite a few hours in the saddle already today (my ass hurts like feck) learning how to ride in the traditional ancient style (no bit, no headset)
And much more riding and learning ahead this week!

Can YOU feel alive today?
We can!

21 Years of OMNIA :-)

8 Jul 2017

Time to SHARE!!

Thanx for sharing YOUR photos and memories with us here. It's great to see and read about your experiences with us, because we have soooooo many memories of our experiences with YOU ;-)