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THIS IS NOT THE OMNIA PAGE (because it's NOT a Verified FB Page)

errrrr... this blog is only funny if you read it on FaceBook , if you are one of those wise people who doesn't feel the need to get mixed up in that scorpion-pit of mis-information and public ridicule disguised as a social network , then just skip this blog ...

Hi there I would just like to say that this FaceBook page is actually NOT officially the OMNIA FaceBook page at all , because as you can see there is NO little blue and white "V" symbol next to our name.
This little blue/white  "V" symbol is what every "OFFICIAL" band/ celebrity page gets whenever a real band uses this medium of communication***.

This page doesn't have one because, like I said this is not the OMNIA page...

I am actually an 11 year old Japanese SchoolGirl named Rukia Kuchiki ,who pretends to be SteveSic of OMNIA by running this totally unofficial and unverified bandpage because ...Hey! this is the internet! What did you expect?
Reality?... hihihihihi! (japanese school girl giggles)

GleenThing!! and Sayonara!!
Rukia Kuchiki

ps: now I'm gonna  go and smoke some more of Daphyd's delicious homegrown grass through a rare and special gift I got from a sweet and concientious nature-loving friend!... in my schoolgirl uniform...
and if any of you have a problem with this you can ofcourse:   
SUCK MY PIPE !!  :-)

***with "real band" I ofcourse mean a band who's record label puts tonnes of money into facebook-marketing to expand their list of "customers"...
we don't have customers... we just have you ;-)

Its good to smoke the green green grass of home...

Grass: homegrown by the Crow
Pipe : handmade by my friend Billy from Oregon
Stoner: homegrown by Gaia

Check out the recipe for making a really cool ritual pipe...

"the bowl is made from Minnesota Pipestone. it is very sacred to the Native Americans the little white spot on the bowl is said to be spirit spot. it is the spirit of a warrior.

the middle piece of course is mammoth ivory 

the Redwood is from South America it's called Vermillion some people call it vanilla hardwood

the purple wood is purple heart wood 

and the mouthpiece is made from Ricolite. it is a relatively rare stone that comes from only one place the Ricolite Valley in Arizona and is very sacred to the Native Americans as well"

Now THAT is what I call a holy smoke! ... Thanx Billy!

Shaman SteveSic
Pic by cool JenJen


Roses are red
Violets are Blue
most poems rhyme
but this one PTHFFFRRRRT!!!

XXX ;-)
Stenny     pic by Anonima

PaganFolk bro's...

Last night we played our LAST SHOW of 2014. And the venue ROCKED to the pure acoustic PaganFolk sounds of not only OMNIA but also from our friends of the Dutch acoustic-PaganFolk band SEED

Here you see Daphyd,Satrya and me looking stoned and happy in the backstage chillin' with our buddy Koen (SEED's frontman)

Great Crowd! Great Night! Great Musick!
What a GREAT YEAR!!  untill the next one!

thank you all...

Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA          photo by Kees Stravers!

A bird in the hand... (yes it's real... like us)

This is a little friend that came to say hi to me this morning (although it sounded more like "peep")  Our forest is full of all sorts of little finches like this one, who sing for us and fill our hearts with joy! (as well as robins, blackbirds ,tits, nuthatches, woodpeckers, jay's, etc etc)

Tonight we play for another sold-out venue for the last time this year! It's the last show of the EARTH WARRIOR TOUR...
 It's what we love to do... It's our ritual...
Where WE will be singing and bringing some forest-joy to YOU!!  

Shaman SteveSic     

Time to Relax! (almost)

No! no relaxing YET.. because Tomorrow we play our LAST show of 2014 in de Meester in Almere!  ( NL )
...there's no link here because the club was already sold out ages ago, so if you dont have a ticket yet... nevermind!


...and THEN ... we relax!***

Stenny et OMNIA                 
cool pic of Crow in the backstage of de Meester by ESPRIT CONFUS

***but we wont relax too long ofcourse!  because we are busy planning all the concerts for 2015, we already have a LOT of bookings confirmed and MANY MORE are being looked at right now!... so keep watching our online agenda!

Jenny in the forest

Roses are red
Violets are blue
even when we're not touring
we're still thinking of YOU

Stenny        pic by anonima

the Boyz in the Gang

The Crow's in his nest
The monkey's in his tree
These are the OMNIA boyz
That Rock with Jenny and me!

Shaman Steve Sic       
drawings by Selene (ofcourse!)


Roses are Red

Misty the wood

to travel is lovely

but coming home is soooooooo Good!

XXX Winter and Peace!
Stenny et OMNIA

pic by Sic

Almost home...

Roses are Pink
Like my little Pony
You may think I'm a tough guy
But I'm really a brony...







Shows for 2015 will be announced soon! Keep your eyes on thi...