A Bird in the hand...

26 Jun 2017


We're quite bloody lucky and blessed to be able to live in such close proximity to the real denizens of this land :-)
The Others*honour us with their presence, constantly flying and wandering all around us and often in and out of our house...
Sometimes an exitable little fellow (like this extremely young Hawfinch) will get confused and stuck inside , needing a little gentle help to get out into the trees again.

Time for Art!

25 Jun 2017

Midsummer has granted us her gifts,the Festival was grand the Musick fed us :-)
(thank you Feuertanz!)

I feel inspired... I wanna draw stuff

What should I design?

New T-shirts?
New Patches?
OMNIA Stickers?
What do YOU want?

Greenz and Creative Chaos!

It's HOT

23 Jun 2017

Come on baby, light my Feuertanz! 

Fuuucckk its HOT! 

Greenzzzz OMNIA


22 Jun 2017

Arrived at the feeding place...
Now we Eat, Tomorrow we play!
Enjoy this hot midsummers day!


Midsummer Fire Heatwave

22 Jun 2017

It's hot as toast and it looks like a great day for swimming!!!

Which sadly we won't :-(

Instead were gonna spend it aaaaallll day long in the hot sweaty blackpearl on the baking sticky tarmac roads Of Germany...

Because tomorrow we play again for our old friends at the FEUERTANZ festival in Abenberg (D)

What are You doing today?
Got any good pictures?



20 Jun 2017

Enjoy your Midsummernight's dream tonight!

Greenthingz :-)

LOST...in a Concrete Jungle

19 Jun 2017


I've been forced into the big city to apply for my official drivers-licence

I don't like it here!!!
Where are the trees!?
Where are my fuzzy and feathered friends!?

Concrete, dirty, confused and unnatural thingz...

Please allow me to introduce ourselves :-)

18 Jun 2017


The OMNIA "live-band" (this happy band of weirdos) is a lot more than what you see on the stage!
An OMNIA live show would not be possible without our whole great team 
working together as one unit.

Did you know for instance that the longest non-stop OMNIA member is actually Sascha (our chief technician) who's been working with Jenny and me since 2010!

Here... let me introduce everyone to you that was "in OMNIA" this weekend:

Thank you EuroFolk!

18 Jun 2017


What a great music-festival! Both the audience AND the organisers were absolutely amazing! We were treated like old friends,
You guys really made us feel at home and we had a great gig...
In which the Nature Energy flowed strong as a mountain river :-)

On the road again! ;)

17 Jun 2017

#On the Road again!

We're rolling to our first gig of the year (Eurofolk in Ingelheim) and there's some old and new friends joining us today in the OMNIA travel family!
Like our former OMNIA backing-singer/stage dancer Maral! 
Remember Maral from the cd  "Musick and Poetree" and the "Don't speak human" tour?
Well, She is helping us out behind the scenes now in OMNIA PR and management :-)

Greenz and PaganMusick somewhere on the German autobahn!


Pic by Canned Heat

Pagan Pirates! :-)

15 Jun 2017

4 little Pagans inna liddlebiddy boat...
Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum!

Greenthingz and waves ;-)


Ps: on saturday we play our first festival concert since our 6 month break...
On the lovely "Eurofolk" in Ingelheim (Germany)
See YOU there?

SteveSic in a Car!? WTF?!

14 Jun 2017

Hahaa! Yup, it's true ... after a lifetime of being 
"no drivers licence man" I decided to do something "different" and I took lessons and learned how to drive a car!

I got a great teacher called John (who's actually an ex musician) 
and I passed my test today ;-)

I am now deemed legally fit to guide a large hunk of hot metal machine along the public highways of the world!

This doesn't mean that I'm gonna go out ,buy a big assed Hummer an race it straight to the local mcDonalds drive-through...