Depression on TERRA OMNIA! (Impressions: 6)

10 Oct 2020

Gods! this is sooo Depressing!
I’m talking of our ancient Apple press, built in 1939 to an unchanged medieval pattern, which we restored to take care of some pressing pomonic nectar matters ;-)

This old creaky man pumps 50 litres of pure apple and pear juice per squeeze!

That sure is a whole lotta happy depression eh?

As the world of techno monkeys goes voluntarily insane it’s best to regress

Oldschool rules!


Greenz , Health and Praise to Pomona!

My serious Medical condition....

3 Oct 2020

My serious Medical condition,
Prevents me from wearing a mask in stores...

You see,

I'm highly allergic to bullshit


My body is extremely sensitive to enslavement

That's just the way I'm made :-)

Hugs, positivity and Greenthingz!
Shaman Sic

Fairy in my window...

11 Sep 2020

...there's a fairy in my window
And she's painting all the wood
So when winter cold comes calling
It will keep us well and good

Greenz and the Art of Home improvement


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Big City Vibe

9 Sep 2020

We went to the capital city (Ljubljana) today,
you know....
Us, simple country folk, coming down from the mountain to buy some supplies
Imagine my surprise
when instead of supplies
I found my name on a wall

(Although I see they mistakingly got my rank wrong)

Peace and freedom!
Captain Sic?

Pic by Captain Sensible

Tips for a healthy life!

28 Aug 2020

I want to share something POSITIVE with you,
I am now, as I write to YOU, a 53 year old weirdo freaky guy and I feel happy, healthy, and physically fit.

As you know, I respect Nature more than anything and because my Body is a part of Nature, it gets to benefit from this respect as well!

Here are 9 simple guidelines that have helped me along this far on my journey.
(and of course all these things are beneficial to the planet as well)


26 Aug 2020

For years, the RWE, a huge Electricity Company in Germany, has been clearing villages and forests on a massive scale to be able to mine brown coal. These ridiculous operations have been demonstrated against by environmentalists and villagers but it couldn’t be stopped. I will quote Sabine Schür speaking for the Action Alliance “All villages stay” :

“It is so difficult to explain this very extensive problem in a short way. The position of RWE as a large corporation and joint-stock company, the associated networking of business and politics, RWE as Europe's largest CO2 producer, the expulsion of people, the extermination of villages ( Keyenberg, Kuckum, Beverath, Unterwestrich, Oberwestrich, Lützerath), the destruction of churches and cultural goods, the slow dehydration of the Hambach Forest and the criminalization of climate activists.... reveal the system error. The further combustion of fossil fuels (brown coal...) must be stopped as soon as possible. Various studies (DIW) make it clear that we can end lignite electricity generation faster than 2038 and preserve these villages and this forest.

Unfortunately, the current government in Germany sees this differently, they should be ashamed of themselves. That's why we take to the streets and try to stop this madness.

This earth is far too beautiful not to fight for your preservation.

In order to get an idea of this destruction, one would have to look at the open-cast mining holes (Inden, Hambach, Garzweiler I and II) on site. The open-cast holes are so huge that you can see them from space. “

On August 30th, a demonstration will be held. Put aside your fears, just keep your distance or wear your mask if you feel it necessary, but go and add to the count of demonstrators. Whether you can or can’t make it, please SHARE this!

Alle Dörfer Bleiben! Kommt und kämpft mit uns!

Thank you on behalf of our Mother and all kindred souls!

Stenny & OMNIA

Social Responsibility 2020AD

24 Aug 2020

Fighting for social freedom? smiley

It’s kind of funny how times change eh?

When I was a young punk, "Social responsibility" used to mean:

1: Go out into the world, make it a better place by voluntarily sharing your life and property with others while doing positive helpful and practical work for your direct community and the enviroment.

"Top of the world"

21 Aug 2020

High on a mountainside

High on Nature

The troubled world lies far below...

Here the air is fresh and clean untainted by the fearfull poison of Billionaire Plutocracy and Corona Quarantine terrorism.

We wish you all this bright pure happiness on this beautifull day

Be free! Be green! Stay weird!

Stenny et Damien