Better one bird in the hand…

9 Apr 2021

than another little Natural friend dead.

I Helped this feathered fairy away from the threshold of DEATH today.
It’s something I often do somehow… it’s just part of my job.

And as you know , holding and singing to pretty wild birds is also a big hobby of mine!
It makes me feel even more connected to the wild and it feels good to help out wherever I’m needed.

“Help all your family out there in the wild,
care for them like you would for a lost child
YOU owe them some LOVE to make up for the others
Who use and abuse all our sisters and brothers”

So we do what we can…
How about YOU?

Greenthingz and Life is CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP!
Shaman Steve Sic the bird singer and the friendly Coal Tit (Periparus Ater)