20 Mar 2016

Pic by Kees Stravers

Licking juices..

18 Mar 2016

It's "happy hour" at the birchtrees in our forest at the moment...
(Well maybe more like "happy weeks")
As the sapflow starts to pump life and love into the trees in this season of the year, The woodpeckers poke holes in the bark of the SilverBirches to get at this juicy tree-goodness!
But when they fly off the sap still flows out from these holes, attracting many other forest dwellers (like birds, mice, squirrels and Stenny)
to feast at this "all-natural juicebar".

...We love licking trees...

And Another Great gig!

17 Mar 2016

We played like crazy people :)
Check out the blood on Daphyd Crow ૐ's lips!
(From playing the didge like a maniac)

Greenz and goodnight!

Pic by Daphyd


Once more unto the breach dear friends!

17 Mar 2016

(I'm sick... Call me a doctor)

So yesterday we slept like dead people (and had a bit of a nasty fever and snot experience aswell)
but all is well enough to play today! 

As we go forth to bring musick and Art to the theatre in Haarlem!

See ya there (or anywhere!)


15 Mar 2016

Yup... We are mixing the new OMNIA album "PRAYER" in the Orchus studio :-)
Its been a great couple of days working with all the wonderfull new songs we've written. The work is loooong but the end result is certainly gonna be worthwhile!! (More info will follow)
Kind of tired now...
The song of Life rolls on!
The Day after tomorrow we play another OMNIA theatre-concert, this time in Haarlem!

Maybe We need some sleep before we do that?

Greenz and songz!

Pic by sic

Red Skin Warrior 3

14 Mar 2016

sub title: a social media experiment

Two days ago I placed a Post here called "Red Skin Warrior"
about  Satria's topical steroid dependancy and withdrawal symptoms
(scroll down and read it , if you haven't yet)  ... and by the way ... 
the "Red Skin Warriors" are all the people battling this terrible medical industry induced skin condition, look 'em up on the web, you might learn something.

Red Skin Warrior 2

13 Mar 2016

This is a great kindof brooding/sexy picture of Satria the guitar player from OMNIA! (do you LIKE it?)


pic by erwin, minor traces of sarcasm by sic ;-


12 Mar 2016

This is a SERIOUS message from the OMNIA guitar player Satria about the DANGER of trusting DOCTORS


... please read it carefully... then watch the you-tube video he mentions ... then please SHARE IT SHARE IT SHARE IT!

with everyone you know

Hopefully it will help you or someone you care about from making a BIG mistake!

But enough from me, let Satria explain it himself:


OMNIA got 200.000 likes on FaceBook!!!

8 Mar 2016

(is that good?)


That's a lot of likes on a popular social media for a band like us...

It's especially cool to see for us, because all those "likes" are real, they are all clicks done by YOU and people like YOU who wandered onto our web-presence.


Backseat Driversz...

6 Mar 2016

Driving back home After a wonderfull series of OMNIA shows in a row.
We're REALLY HAPPY to hear that the new songs like "Alan Lee Tango" and "Wolf Andro'" are so popular with all of YOU lucky enough to hear them already!
And now ,Tired but content we roll back to the forest to rest for a few days smile-emoticon
Next week the tour continues!!!


Pic by Sic

Rat Catcher/Releaser of Hameln

5 Mar 2016

After a WONDERFULL theatre-gig in the beautifull Veldhoven theatre yesterday night, we now travel to Germany to play a festival/mix/theatre/artistic-confusion set there!

The last time we played in the famous (ratcatcher) city of Hameln we didn't quite manage to drown all the town-children ...let's see if we can manage that today wink-emoticon
Just kidding!