The Musick

OMNIA means "everything" in Latin. It stands for the fact that OMNIA is not bound by any particular music genre or style. This musical diversity, the creative writing of Stenny and the fact that the band uses mainly hand-made acoustic instruments on stage, give them their own special "earthy" style. Their Pagan and Earth Folk sounds and songs are something completely new in this world of bland popsongs and fake media-built playback-acts... making their live shows a unique and singular experience. They are definately NOT part of the pop-industry and it's easy "formatting", which they view as a moron-moneymaking-machine catering only to the lowest common denominators... They have already refused more than enough major label record deals to keep their musick and their life pure and clean...

OMNIA chose long ago to simply name their music "PaganFolk", which etymologically speaking would mean: "nature-religious, traditional indigenous music". To date they have written and performed songs in and enormous amount of different styles (ranging from Rock to pre-historic to Blues to Balkan to Soul to Rap to Metal to Musical-style to Ballad to Ragtime to Medieval to singer-songwriter to Viking to ancient Roman to ancient Greek to just about every type of world-music and folk music known to man) because all REAL music is sacred to them, each style is a lesson to be learned.

They write and sing songs in English,  Latin, Breton, French, Finnish, Arabic, Swedish, Spanish, German, Mongolian, Hindi and in a made up language called "Omnian".

Because of OMNIA's love of language and literature some of the greatest western poems (by Catullus, Blake, Poe, Wordsworth, Shakespeare ao.) have been turned into songs by them.

OMNIA is a 100% independant band by choice. They write all their own music and through the years have founded their own record label, management team and touring company. They have had two record deals already in the distant past (even one with mega-corp UNIVERSAL!!) but have chosen to break those contracts and the road to fake media/televison fame in favour of freedom and truth (although it led them to the very edge of financial and legal crisis, with lawyers and court battles, which only the support of their loyal fans helped them to survive).

Nowadays OMNIA is still considered a "hot item" in the music business because they achieve on their own (without big marketing investments and media manipulation) the same and often even better results as major label bands do. So they still regularly receive increasingly better offers from other labels but always smile and refuse... having learned their lesson about "corporate business dealings" they have always opted to stay pure and "REAL" ever since and have learned the lesson that there is just no talking to modern record-labels who all have their heads stuck firmly up their own bank-accounts ;-)

Even though OMNIA has the philosophy and lifestyle of a strictly underground cult-band, they have influenced many other bands and artists worldwide and are recognised as the founders of the "PaganFolk" scene and one of the major cornerstones of the German "Mittelalter music" scene. They have harvested international acclaim on countless different festivals in diverse music scenes ranging from Gothic, Pagan, Folk, Metal, World, Medieval, Fantasy and even pop, as well as in the theatres and clubs they have been touring throughout Europe and the Americas since 2002.

Because the media and many silly web misinformation sites like wikipedia can only print mis-informed rubbish, there are many mysteries surrounding the actual musick and lifestyle of OMNIA and its weird band members.

To some they seem like fairies or angels, to some they are more like demons... to themselves they are of course just stupid naked monkeys blundering about without a clue what to do on this planet... just like you!

But hate them or love them, two immutable facts remain: OMNIA is pure original music and poetry, straight from the heart… and this heart beats with 100% Green Nature Power.

OMNIA is not just a unique cult band; OMNIA is a way of life. This becomes evident when you see and hear them play.