Great Mabon everybody!

21 Sep 2018

It's the time to give thanx to Nature and the Spirits for the Harvests we have gathered…

And Judging by the weather here in Holland
Humankind has sowed the seeds of doom
And Now they may harvest the storm!

Greenthingz and Nature Power!

Meet Asaya

20 Sep 2018

A beautiful young mare who had lots of energy left after working with Vladimir Mustakerski during his workhop today!

(Our Bulgarian Horse Master friend is in Holland to give workshops which lift a little bit of the veil on the ‘Be with Me’ method he has developed. They are completely sold out but he might be back…if you are interested in what makes this man and his way with horses so special, check it out HERE)

Greenthingz Stenny

Thank you to everyone that came to see, hear and experience the OMNIA Collective at the Festival Mediaval shows in Aš and Selb!

17 Sep 2018

We loved meeting you, seeing our old (& new) friends and of course playing for you on that kickass stage! :)

Many of you have flooded us with AWESOME pictures of our latest 2 performances and, after being back and regaining our energy a little by now, we've sorted through them and made some new galleries on our website for you to enjoy!
(and added some fitting descriptions to them, let's see if you can find them!)

Which ones are YOUR favourites or do you have any additions? Let us know in the comments! ;)

Check out the new GALLERIES HERE

Pic by Photography / Skulls n Gears

The OMNIA COLLECTIVE rocks the mainstage at 19:00!

10 Sep 2018

We will play the freakiest OMNIA show EVER! Afterwards we party like Pagans!!!
And the day after we would love to meet you all at the Signing Session at the OMNIA merch stand on Saturday 8 September at 15:30!!


Pic by the great Zouberi


3 Sep 2018

If you wanna know how great our time together was on the Festival Mediaval-Aš...
And if you wanna see what the whole giant beautifull OMNIA collective of friends LOOK like on stage together:
Check out the new GALLERY HERE.

But if you want to know what we SOUND like together, then you have to come to the UNIQUE show at the mainstage of Festival Mediaval in Selb coming Friday evening!

Greenthingz and Changing times!
Pic by Bernd Sonntag

OMNIA in the house!

2 Sep 2018

We've all arrived safely in eastern Germany!
(Well... most of us, there are still 3 of us on the road from Denmark who will come later this evening)
The rest of our very international crowd got here from Czech, Belgium, Holland and Bulgaria today!)
Wow we go through a lot to bring you the OMNIA show of a lifetime at Festival Mediaval!

Greenthingz and PaganFolkMadness from the bad Iasl!

From the old to the new :-)

28 Aug 2018

This is a 22 years old Jenny when We had just met (even before she joined OMNIA)

We've been on an amazing artistic spiritual adventure together creating new musick and whole scene all these past years... and YOU were there with us too!
Many things have changed but the ROOT always stays stong and remains the same :-)

We're here, YOU're here...

Coming weekend we'll write yet another exiting new chapter in the Pagan crazy story that is OMNIA, together with a whole bunch of lovable artistic freaks!

We hope to see many of YOU at festival mediaval in Czech and Germany!

and neo- Celtic Pagan Folk

Stenny et OMNIA