Happy Birthday Spike!

20 Jul 2018

Jenny and Spike being very forest-Nymph and cooling off in a German lake on this very hot and beautifull nature birthday party :-)

Greenz and peace
Stenny, Damien and Spike

Pic by Syrinx

Looking for a Home...

18 Jul 2018

We're driving around looking for land to buy so that we can finally start building a home for OMNIA...

Where do YOU think we should settle?

(And do you happen to know a plot of land of 50.000 square meters or more in a forest/nature area for sale?)

Greenz and searching...

Family Time!

17 Jul 2018

Do you see the resemblance?

Greenthings Damien, Sic, Spike and Jenny aka "the Raven Team"

Does the Sun make you Horny?

16 Jul 2018

Or does it make you make Horns?

One can never have enough tuned Horns, so we're making some more ;-)

Greenz and TOOOOooooootoooo!!

Pic by "the Horny Lord"

Pimp my Drum!

15 Jul 2018

We love banging Big Drums...for us, this Davul or Tapan, a copy of the medieval Balkan Hamina War Drum, is the most epic drum we have. It did need to be pimped a bit more for our upcoming (epic) OMNIA show at Festival Medieval so...there you go!
Have you got a Big Drum? Show us!

Big Boomy Things!
Stenny xxx

Staying Cool :-)

14 Jul 2018

The Dutch weather's HOT and Dry... so Finally we have bought our OWN forest swimmingpool at home!
We had it designed, planned, built and installed today :-)


(what I actually mean is We took it out of the cardboard box , I put it on the ground and inflated it with a handpump today)
But it's a big fecking tub of water that keeps our butts cool... so it works!

Best €25,- we spent all year!

Greenz and coolness!


11 Jul 2018

4 members of the (10 musician) OMNIA collective!
Paganfolking for fun :-)
The rest are in Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria and Holland at the moment

Pic by Sic

Harp Fairy listening to Kora Fairy

8 Jul 2018

This is the main reason why we're at an African Festival... to finally see and hear one of our favourite musicians:
The Gambian Kora player and singer Sona Jobarteh !

She's fecking awesome!
And her band is magical!
Real live music for real people :-)
Greenz and golden strings...

Fixing an ancient artifact!

5 Jul 2018

This drumrack was made by Steve Sic in 1998 and used in all the OMNIA shows until 2007...(everybody took turns playing it, very therapeutic!)
He is now modifying it so we can use it for some Big Drums that will be part of our superfreaky special show with the OMNIA collective on Festival Mediaval in September this year.
So, who out there is building or fixing stuff outside? Houses, fences, rocking horses, thunderboxes, debris shelters...?? Show us!

Lots of summer greenthings with a big BOOM
Xx Jenny

Contentment :-)

2 Jul 2018

We just finished our practice sessions with OMNIA... in one word:

Greenz and PaganFolk Musick

Band practice! (The hard life of a musician part 15)

30 Jun 2018

We're having fun arranging tunes and chilling at dreamharps together with (part of) the wonderously creative and talented
"OMNIA Colllective"
We're preparing for our upcoming special gigs in Czechia und Deutschland in september!

Greenthingz and Summerheat!
The OMNIA Collective

The new edition of the Raventimes is out today!

29 Jun 2018

(O.K. Full moon was yesterday, but, as you will notice from this month's RT, we all had a little vacation time, so cut us some slack this once! ;-) )

Have a nice read, we also love the reactions we get from you guys (through mail and on here) so let us know what YOU thought of this Holiday Special!

Relaxedthingz on vacationwingz