Dangerous "Democracy Theories”!

13 Sep 2023

How far can too far go?

So guys ...the WAR on NATURE is really getting silly now...
And all these "Democracy-theories"  being spread on the internet are a serious and dangerous threat to the fight against evil...

It's interesting to see how far the insanity can go in the controlled and traumatised minds of the "obedient and confused masses" sucking up their government programming ... (Govern=Control... Ment=Mind... mind control anyone?)

I would like to talk about the weather…

25 Aug 2023

If you watch this censored documentary  “Frankenskies” available FREE at:


then YOU will see what I mean.

There is a war on Nature, but we cannot fight unless YOU become aware of the weapons...
please watch this movie!

hugs and peace
Steve Sic

Only Love...Can Tame the Demon

11 Aug 2023

This composition of OMNIA Music is a gift that will heal YOUR Soul
Listen to it as much as you can!

It's the year 2023
As Evil spreads throughout the material reality of this world 
and tired, confused people are enslaved by clever illusions and trans-humanist techno-promises,
many of our "brothers and sisters" in music-land, have sadly fallen under the influences of Sinister Occultism,
while the "Art" of Pagan music has gotten Dark, Disturbing and Demonic ...

BUT, no worries! There is always Hope! There is still OMNIA!

OMNIA remains Free, Strong and True to Nature and her children  :-)
(Just because we refuse to tour and kiss the devil's ass, doesn't mean we don't make music anymore)

So here's a new 2023 OMNIA track we made for YOU, to spread some Love and Light!!

"Only Love...can tame the Demon"  

Only LOVE… can tame the Demon!

9 Aug 2023

New OMNIA single coming out SOON!
11 august 2023

To spread the love, to give strength and hope to those who still have eyes to see and hearts to feel…
There are even shots in the video of bits of Terra OMNIA that do not exist anymore since last friday!

This world is now ruled by the Demon
It eats the sky, devours the land and poisons the soul

The War on Nature deepens
but we survive
We fight it every day
with our Hearts , with our Souls, with our MUSIC!

CLIMATE WAR Enjoy your illusions while they last ;-)

7 Aug 2023

The Climate war has started properly now,as you maybe have noticed where YOU live or on the media..

 the “military style campaign” for “Climate Change” that Charles the 3rd ordered at the WEF conference of 2020 is now in full swing…

Even though they will tell you it’s actually Mother Nature who is doing this because she doesn’t like your car…

And they know exactly what they are doing… a very professional weather campaign.

Steve Sic's Birthday Blog 2023

24 Jul 2023

So...It's ma birthday today...

and life has changed a bunch since the day of my actual birth back in 1967

THAT was very different world to the one being presented now... right?

AS the illusion of society peels away from the eyes and the horrendous truths of this world reveal themselves one by one, I can definitely say that I have changed a lot and feel myself to be a healthier, wiser, fitter and more balanced creature than I was before.
(and a damn sight better informed!)


18 Jul 2023

We made some thing of beauty that is new…
for YOU,
to spread some Love and Light!!

Our new single is called:

”Only Love...can tame the Demon"  

We composed it as a force of positive energy
a virtuose and powerfully sensitive music-piece,
with no fancy tricks, no techno-fakery
and 100 % sincere emotion.

Paradise is a Garden...

10 Jul 2023

Paradise is a living, breathing place
A Monastery on a mountain
where trees grow and water flows
where the air is clean and fresh
filled with the magic scents of Nature
and the sounds of Birds and Insects

A place where YOU live
which supplies you with the plants ,herbs, fruits and flowers
that feed and heal your Body and your Soul
A Temple where you find inner peace and contentment

Paradise is "Alive and Being" it is as it should be
When YOU are there,
so are YOU

Look who's back!

17 Jun 2023

I thought that today would be a good day to write something to YOU, to say we are still alive and happy :-)

Our dear OMNIA buddy Daphyd has come all the way from the flatlands, up the mountain, to visit us here on TERRA OMNIA ;-)
We are jamming, laughing, walking, talking and chilling together in the land of the free where the flowers bloom and the birds sing so sweetly as Life flows gently to the rythms of Nature.

We are not just having fun together for ourselves,
but we have a little surprise for YOU coming soon!

The Art of Living Free

16 May 2023

Living Free is what we do...it's what we are...OMNIA is everything and everything is Naturally Free.

The freedom part is where you leave this confusing game-show of illusions called society and scientific-reality and see it for what it actually is:

An all-present entity that normalises constant slavery to a country/tax system that "owns" you.

An entity that watches your every move to make sure you stay trapped in a circle of debt forever.

Mass-indoctrination that drives the urge to consume and own whatever junk they tell you to.


23 Apr 2023

Nothing is Sacred... Only Nature

Sacred?... what does that actually mean?

Sacred is:

A Quick blog...about not Blogging ;-)

7 Apr 2023

So... the weather is great at the moment,
so (as nature-huggie-eco-veggie-farmers) we have a lot of work to do!

It's spring!
Raised beds need to be made and filled with earth and straw and shit and branches and compost ,
grow boxes need building...
the land needs levelling  to build a few higher (covered) tomato beds...
and all the (ahem) flowers need attention and sowing...
Boy oh boy oh boy!
What a lot of cool stuff to do!

Good Morning Democracy!

27 Mar 2023

So? How was it this morning?

Did you enjoy having to get up 1 hour earlier?

Did you enjoy your 'freedom" in a "free democratic country"
as your alarm shook you out of your well-deserved slumbers
because your masters set back their BIG (imaginary) CLOCK by one whole hour... ***

Isn't getting up early every day of your life enough?
Because THEY dictate the damned schedules, work hours and open/close-ing times?

Why do they have to keep on making stuff worse?

Why for fuck's sake?