Love Riding :-)

17 Jun 2018

This makes us feel Alive!
What does it for YOU?

Greenz from Bulgaria
Stenny ,Boaza and Sam

Pic by Pancho the Mighty

Lost in Pagan Musick :-)

13 Jun 2018

Today we're practicing and arranging loads of OMNIA songs in Bulgaria with our old friend Peter Todorov (whom you probably also know from the amazing band Irfan) :-)
And the sounds and energy of our gathering warms our souls like the Huge Bulgarian Nature that surrounds us!

Greenz and beatz from the Balkan!
Stenny and Peter

Home is where the van is... (But now it's a yurt!)

13 Jun 2018

This what our Bulgarian "home" looks like at the moment!

We're settling in nicely :-)
Already My shoulder aches from shooting bow, My Ass hurts from riding Horse... The Sun is HOT, but eveything's cool and We feel fine!


Free Butter....Fly!

12 Jun 2018

Do you save small flying ones (or creepy crawly ones) when they accidentally fly into your house?
I hope so...this is butterfly number 5 today!
Love from Bulgaria
Xxx Jenny


Roadtrip to Bulgaria (part 8)

11 Jun 2018

We've arrived!

After rolling through Serbia , at last we entered Bulgaria , driving into progressively wilder and rougher nature on smaller and smaller roads untill the last few miles turned into unpaved 4x4 landrover tracks which we forced our trusty black beauty into and over! (She's tough!)
Even Fording a pretty scary rocky stream which pushed our wheels to the limit :-)
untill finally we reached journey's end in the beautifull , peacefull land of our Bulgarian friends.

Roadtrip to Bulgaria (part 7)

10 Jun 2018

"Classic book blog"

A literary intermezzo
As you may have noticed my blogs of late have been kind of
"Coloured" by a certain famous childrens book ... that would be this one :-)

This is my first and only copy of mr.Tolkien's absolute classic story book "the Hobbit"
(It's still one of my all time favourite books)
I bought it (second hand) in 1986 when I was a poor homeless punkrocker and it has been my constant companion for all these years.
It has held me spellbound everytime I read it.

Help! Mr.Stenny go Craizy!!

10 Jun 2018

Me no underrstend what happen to mr.Stenny?
Dey draive all day tru contries wher peeple speek funny ... den Dey sleep in bak ofv blak-bjootybus en in moorning dey make brekfest en koffee onna liddel burnythingii on the ground!?
Den dey pack evveryting bak in da blak-bjootybus en dey draive lotz more!?
Wot aboot mr.Fluffy!?
Wear isz Fluffy comfortzone?
Wear isz Fluffy youzju... uusuua... yoezjoeerrr?... um?...NORMAL!
Wear isz me normal bedd?



Roadtrip Bulgaria (part 5)

9 Jun 2018

After passing through the misty mountains and mirkwood (where we had a minor encounter with some giant spiders that turned out fine because the Dwarves weren't with us anymore to let us stray from the path)
we rolled through beautifull Slovenia and have now stopped for the night in the gorgeous countryside of Hrvatska (which the rest of the world oddly refers to as "Kroatia") in the lovely ancient village of Čigoč.