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Looking for a little something for Yuletide?

8 Dec 2018

We’ve just updated our Webshop and added a bunch of sweet, chocolate-sprinkled deals for you, including hoodies, customized shirts and more.

We’ve also added another really exciting item for you:

The (very) limited edition of our REFLEXIONS VINYL LP is available for preorder now – grab ‘em while they’re hot and receive them just in time for the holidays!

Your RavenTeam et OMNIA


4 Dec 2018

If a Stenny plays in a forest and there's no-one there to hear...
Do they still make a sound?

Greenz and chilling

Emian Paganfolk

29 Nov 2018

We've been chilling with our Italian friends of Emian today, sharing philosphy, wine, food and greenz :-)

It's sweet to share bits of life together, isn't it?

So what are YOU all up to now?


Drinking buddies

29 Nov 2018

Consuming Beers n'Cider and playing pool in Eindhoven with Daphyd "Crow" Sens!
Who btw has joined the "OMNIA Pagan Collective" again :-)
(We have a very fluid group don't we?)

Greenz and Cheers!

pic by mr. Sens

Trojan Horse

25 Nov 2018

When I hear the word "culture" I immediately pull out my camera

Greenz and History!

Ps: History Museums Rock ;-)

Human madness above and below... Scavenged upon by the hooded crow

23 Nov 2018

A million million monkeys stumble through industrially enhanced lives

Individualism clots together into a vomit stain of unidentifiable mass insanity

This is modern life ,Untill the monkeys inevitable ending

And the crows?
They just do their thing...

Greenthingz and Nature
(From the Berlin Metropolis)

Pic by Spider Jerusalem

From the Forest to the City...

22 Nov 2018

Hanging out in Berlin for a few days to see our friends of Irfan play a clubshow and soak up the vibes of ... civilisation ;-)

Greenz and Bohemian Art!