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The Art of Living Free

16 May 2023

Living Free is what we's what we are...OMNIA is everything and everything is Naturally Free.

The freedom part is where you leave this confusing game-show of illusions called society and scientific-reality and see it for what it actually is:

An all-present entity that normalises constant slavery to a country/tax system that "owns" you.

An entity that watches your every move to make sure you stay trapped in a circle of debt forever.

Mass-indoctrination that drives the urge to consume and own whatever junk they tell you to.


23 Apr 2023

Nothing is Sacred... Only Nature

Sacred?... what does that actually mean?

Sacred is:

A Quick blog...about not Blogging ;-)

7 Apr 2023

So... the weather is great at the moment,
so (as nature-huggie-eco-veggie-farmers) we have a lot of work to do!

It's spring!
Raised beds need to be made and filled with earth and straw and shit and branches and compost ,
grow boxes need building...
the land needs levelling  to build a few higher (covered) tomato beds...
and all the (ahem) flowers need attention and sowing...
Boy oh boy oh boy!
What a lot of cool stuff to do!

Good Morning Democracy!

27 Mar 2023

So? How was it this morning?

Did you enjoy having to get up 1 hour earlier?

Did you enjoy your 'freedom" in a "free democratic country"
as your alarm shook you out of your well-deserved slumbers
because your masters set back their BIG (imaginary) CLOCK by one whole hour... ***

Isn't getting up early every day of your life enough?
Because THEY dictate the damned schedules, work hours and open/close-ing times?

Why do they have to keep on making stuff worse?

Why for fuck's sake?

Conspiracy accepters under a pooped-up sky

17 Mar 2023

(living in the twilight zone)

Jenny used to live under the shadow of Schiphol, one of the biggest airports in the world...

We have both lived in various parts of Holland for a long time...

A country who's airspace is extremely full of commercial and military aircraft,
due to it's "international" and 'trading" existence...

So WE know a lot about commercial and military airplanes in the sky...

There were NEVER as many airplanes in the sky there as there are now ...

Happy New Year everybody!

1 Mar 2023

Wow! Here we are again! A whole year has been and gone...
The snow and ice are still here but (hopefully) spring will be allowed to start anew soon!

Yes we realise that all of you 'celebrate' a 'new year' between December (the 10th month) and January... but that is merely another mind-fuck party made up and organised by the military parasites who rule you all, to keep you distracted and unaware.

The wonderfull Power of 'the Hand-written Letter"...

27 Feb 2023

Hello YOU...

So you're here again? That's great!
I like to know that you are here with me, reading these words...

I am not writing so much on this web page (for many reasons I will go into in an other blog), but that doesn't mean I'm not writing at all....

I write letters nowadays!

Because I have re-discovered the wonderfull joys of correspondence by Letter!

Slovenian Snow Leopard

12 Feb 2023

On TERRA OMNIA he have many (MANY) rare and wild creatures that use our land and homestead as a resting or passing-through place because they know we are not a danger to them... no hunters, no dogs, no cars, no loud machinery...

here there is peace , quiet and food.