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Let's talk about the weather!

5 Apr 2020

I'm really curious to know how all of YOU are doing out there.
Because we're kind of quarantined on TERRA OMNIA in the heart of Nature we're sort of losing touch with the outside world (not alltogether unpleasant ;)

But please tell me, What's the weather doing where YOU are?
Are you allowed outside to experience it?

Here we have gone from spring sunshine to deep snow three times already this year and Nature is giving us the most AMAZING shows of beauty to enjoy each day.
The sky is clear (no planes), the sun shines (today)

April Fool

1 Apr 2020

birds sing in spring’s confusion
summer flowers bloom
Climate Crisis kills unseen
we’re all made april fools

Nothing is Sacred…Only Nature


Reality... Haiku no4

29 Mar 2020

Taking wings of mind
Floating dreams, old school rollplay
Dungeons and Dragons


DEATH (Haiku no.3)

28 Mar 2020

DEATH smiles at us all
All we can do is smile back
HE’s charming that way :)

Sic et Marcus Aurelius

Happy Ostara everyone!

22 Mar 2020

Wedding anniversary in the snow!… two days ago we were lying butt-naked and baking in the sun on TERRA OMNIA, but now it’s suddenly pretty white an’ freezing outside. wow!

Just another weird side effect brought on by selfish human monkeys and their constant War on Nature ;) (like mutated virusses)

Sadly most little Monkeys don’t have enough love and compassion for the rest of the universe in them to see beyond their own little lives and their own little race and species, so they remain blind to the damage they do to everybody else.

Congratulations! Well done!

18 Mar 2020

The Most successful climate strike ever!!

As an official representative (and lover) of the living planet, I would like to thank everyone responsible for this AMAZING global climate strike!

This single piece of worldwide corona-terrorism has actually managed to do what countless NGO's (including Saint Greta) have tried and failed for all these years!

For the first time EVER Carbon emissions and airborne pollutants in some of the most disgusting areas of Europe are down!

I never realised this equation: