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There she is!

13 Dec 2019

Zoom in where I'm pointing :)
Fecking big piece of land eh?

Where is Jenny?

12 Dec 2019

Here is a picture game for you, which is also a lesson in relative-scale on photographs.

Where is she standing with her arms in the air? Can YOU see her?

This is ofcourse a part of the land we are trying to buy for OMNIA :)
We are still waiting for permission.
(Untill januari... oh so EXCITING!!)

Are YOU still thinking about it?

Keep it up! And it will be so...


OMNIA has found a home!!

30 Nov 2019

But only if YOU help us...(please share)

After a looong search we have finally found the PERFECT piece of land and forest to make "the world of OMNIA" become a physical reality for us ALL!

It is so amazingly beautifull and perfect you will not believe your eyes when you see/experience it... In the high foothills of the Alps, miles of lush forest, fresh sparkling spring water straight from the mountains and strong healthy, very diverse Flora and Fauna all around!

There is a spirit that inhabits these hills,
A sleeping giantess

The Quest part 3: “A glimmer of Hope"

26 Nov 2019

Winter's breath blew icy from the North as the exhausted couple bravely struggled on over the despairing lands through wind and weather in their endless search for Sanctuary.

No matter how long the road, no matter how hard the going got, they had no choice but to continue to journey's end.
Through summer's heat of deserts foreign, through winters' bone chilling cold on mountain high, from the dark mysteries of the deep forests to the skywide space of the open seas...


24 Nov 2019

I would like to share another great song and video from yet another band of friends of ours…They are called PerKelt and play Pagan Speed Folk...
A wonderful combination of acoustic instruments like guitar, recorder, drums, didge and fiddle, creating a new style of PaganFolk Musick!
We like it a LOT, what do you think?

Greenthings Jenny

Red red autumn red

20 Nov 2019

Seasons change reluctantly
(Like the humanmonkeys)

But when the change finally happens...
Oh fecking wow!

Greenz and rusty reds!


17 Nov 2019

Sometimes you meet people on the road and hang out for a while.
You know, to swap stories and spend some quality time in the company of a fellow traveller on the road of life.
Like Črt here... he was hungry, he saw some freaks sitting at a fire in the forest, he needed a bit of friendship and some food... so we provided.

Share what you have with others who may be more like YOU than you realise.

Greenthingz and comfort
Stenny (and Črt)

Live much...

15 Nov 2019

...Consume little.

Stenny in Slovenia

Ps:anyone know these blue mushrooms?

Winter Strawberries...

11 Nov 2019

And before you ask,
nope...that did not used to be normal... erm
But it is now!!

Greenthingz (all year round)

Ps:How's YOUR garden doing?

Pic by Fungle the Gnole