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We are in a spring forest!!!

17 Mar 2018

Oh no wait! It's a beautiful dressing room in HOFtheater Raalte 
(the theater itself is located in a lovely bit of green so trees all around, yay!)

I'll post a picture of the hall later, looks great!
Greenthings on walls!

Part 2

16 Mar 2018

Building up part 2: checking didge and drinking tea ;-)

Building up time!

16 Mar 2018

Building up time! In Schouwburg Lochem....see you tonight!
Greenthings Jenny


12 Mar 2018

there's a new OMNIA newsletter coming out tomorrow!

filled with (uncensored) insight stories about : OMNIA news, recipes ,the ONLY festival concert, Fan participation and much more!


pic by Samantha Evans

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OK! "Reflexions" today!!

7 Mar 2018

(Whispers)... pssst!... I know it's a bit early, but We've taken a few boxes of these babies along to the Theatre show we are playing today;-)


ps:keep an eye on our YOUTUBE channel and our WEBSHOP TOMORROW! (Hihihi)

Reflexions has arrived....

6 Mar 2018

Look at what was delivered to us today!!!
The new “Reflexions” CD is here and it looks (and sounds) awesome. We have been cuddling it all day :-)

But now we were thinking, since we are our own bosses, and nobody from a big multinational company is telling us what to do, that we could possibly just start selling it before the official release date…(which is in more than 3 weeks time so it’s gonna take for-ever…)

Like tomorrow night in the theatre in Apeldoorn…

And (at the end of this week) online from our webshop….

Suck my Flute on iTunes!

2 Mar 2018

Hello lovely people! I though it might be nice to let you know we are slowly but steadily getting better. Still coughing a lot and sleeping a lot (nice for a change ;-) )but full of hope we will be bright as a button next week to continue our theatre tour in Holland. Thank you all for your support and kind words, it really touches me that you care so much.

As you might have noticed, today was the day our single "Suck my Flute" got released on iTunes, to give you a little teaser of our upcoming "Reflexions" album.

Still ill....

28 Feb 2018

Dear people, I have some really sad news.

Yesterday, Steve started feeling worse again. But we really wanted to perform today so thought it might be temporary and didn't want to scare you guys by saying we might cancel again....But it is not to be...he is just not able to stand on a stage and perform. He is feverish, has a migraine and an awful cough. It's just not possible. So our shows today, tomorrow (venlo) and saturday (veendam) will be hopefully postponed but at least not happen on the set dates. I can't express how sorry we are, or how guilty we feel.