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Just my little joke ;-)

26 May 2019

I wonder if this picture will get as many likes as yesterdays blog :-)
(Which was removed by censorship)

Heyoka Sic

Nothing is Sacred...only Nature

25 May 2019

In the wild we experience a deepness of spiritual satisfaction that no amount of human-made-entertainment could ever provide.

Live Wild, live Natural, be Free!

Real Adventure! (How brave are YOU?)

23 May 2019

We feel the need to hasten our personal and spiritual "Epic Quest for a new OMNIA-home" a bit...

It's taking too long to find
"that perfect place", we're getting restless.Human insanity is growing ,we need to act soon.

So, In a quite brutal effort to lay the fire beneath our own heels, we have SOLD our Stennystudio in Holland... yup... it's true, the little Pagan Stenny house in the shrinking dutch forest soon has a new owner and will be just another part of OMNIA's long and varied history (like the Pagan Attic!)

Bumblebee and blossom

19 May 2019

When you find an exhausted bumblebee you feed it something sweet (like nectar) until she revives...

When you find an exhausted bumblebee who has a damaged wing and will not survive, you feed it something sweet like nectar and give it love and keep it company until it dies...

This is our way.

All natural life has thoughts, feelings a "soul" and is sacred,
no matter what size it is,
by sharing our emotions and perceptions with each other we become truly Alive...


Tattoo part 2

17 May 2019

And this is how the handpoke turned out... like it?

Greenz, Chaos and Nature!
Dr.Steve Sic

Tattoo session with dr.Sic

16 May 2019

Making handpoke tattoo is like making musick...
But the songs stay on your skin forever ...

I'm giving my daughter Myrthe Lucymcdeath a new tattoo for her birthday!

As you may have noticed I am quite partial to ritual skin pictures...but I'm curious,
What do YOU think about tattoos?

Greenthingz and skin art
Steve Sic

Ps: before you ask me, I only design and set tattoos for blood family, people I've shared a stage with or people I've had sex with... so the answer will most probably be no.

A song of Runes

10 May 2019

Casting the OMNIA-Runes...
Searching for what lies in store..
Hearing the wish of Nature...
Finding the path ahead...
Finding a way back home...

Greenthingz and hidden ways


Iron age breakfast :-)

4 May 2019

You can watch it in movies, you can roleplay it or you can immersively computer game it... but nothing beats the actual taste and experience of cooking your own breakfast on an open fire in nature!

I love Frying Celtic bannock bread in a Gallo roman frying pan and Cooking water in a pot for some fresh picked nettle tea.
How's that for a "mindfull breakfast"? :-)

Do any of YOU enjoy historical adventurous outdoor cooking?

Enjoy life! And don't forget to play around and have fun while you're doing it!

Happy Bealtaine Fire!!

30 Apr 2019

Today we give thanx to Mother Nature for generously giving the Monkey people this wonderfull planet to bounce around on. :-)

And of course we celebrate this fact traditionally by erecting huge flowered maypoley-penis thingies with lots of ribbons and stuff tied on symbolising the world tree, while lighting huge bonfires to dance around, getting drunk and stoned and horney!