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Happy New Year everybody!

1 Mar 2023

Wow! Here we are again! A whole year has been and gone...
The snow and ice are still here but (hopefully) spring will be allowed to start anew soon!

Yes we realise that all of you 'celebrate' a 'new year' between December (the 10th month) and January... but that is merely another mind-fuck party made up and organised by the military parasites who rule you all, to keep you distracted and unaware.

The wonderfull Power of 'the Hand-written Letter"...

27 Feb 2023

Hello YOU...

So you're here again? That's great!
I like to know that you are here with me, reading these words...

I am not writing so much on this web page (for many reasons I will go into in an other blog), but that doesn't mean I'm not writing at all....

I write letters nowadays!

Because I have re-discovered the wonderfull joys of correspondence by Letter!

Slovenian Snow Leopard

12 Feb 2023

On TERRA OMNIA he have many (MANY) rare and wild creatures that use our land and homestead as a resting or passing-through place because they know we are not a danger to them... no hunters, no dogs, no cars, no loud machinery...

here there is peace , quiet and food.


9 Feb 2023

Does anybody out there remember what one of these does?

It's one of the many things that are from a time when people could still think and act for themselves.
It tells you when there is an area of high, changing or low atmospheric pressure in the air.

The air pressure is responsible for the height and movement of clouds, wind, moisture etc. and gives us different types of weather.

You can order stuff from our OMNIA Webshop! the road is open for cars again!

31 Jan 2023

After a few exciting weeks of snowed -in  seclusion our forest road is now drivable again!
Packages can be sent again!
So if you feel the need to order one of our many OMNIA CD's or other OMNIA goodies,
Or if you just want to support our OMNIA way of life by buying some extra stuff...

you are good to go!

Hugz and Greenthingz from the
TERRA OMNIA webmerchandising production office and postage team
 (that means "Jenny")

Snow is not just Snow

28 Jan 2023

If you have grown up in a country where snow is just a sporadic thing that happens in some years, it makes your world white for a bit , looks nice, sucks for traffic and public transport and then it turns into a black/brown slush that lies around for a few more days and disappears again, you would be forgiven for thinking

"Snow is snow" ("Sneg je Sneg").

You may have already heard that famously silly anecdote that people who wish to open a conversation with others but don't know what to say use:

So... What about Cornwall?

26 Jan 2023

(a short essay about national identity)

See that?
That's the Cornish flag, flying at 750 metres above sea-level in the freezing snow!
(that's about 2000 km too far southeast, 700 metres too high and about 20 degrees centigrade too cold)

Those of you who have been following OMNIA and our musick for a while, will know that we are living on our own land called TERRA OMNIA in Slovenia now...

But, if they know our discography well, they might be thinking:

"Ermmmm?.......shouldn't that be in Cornwall?"

Cooking breakfast on a fire... What is FREEDOM?

21 Jan 2023

When you think about "freedom" you might think of many different things.

To many there is simply the concept of "Slavery"...
which is:
 "I am a slave, being locked up in chains and beaten with whips an' sticks, I have no autonomy over my body and I am being raped physically and /or mentally and forced to do hard work an' stuff which is killing me ... and all of this against my will"   ...  

and when all that horror stops, and you are liberated because of some external factor,
then THAT is called "FREEDOM"