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Bye bye Stenny Studio!

21 Aug 2019

We've finally emptied our forest house , sold it and it now belongs to someone else.
We've packed all our most beloved things (mostly instruments and art stuff) into the black beast.
All the rest of our stuff we've given away or put into storage.
Now we roll out of here for the last time...
This was the magickal place where we. wrote and recorded all of the purest Paganfolk OMNIA CD's of the past 7 years!
We're sad to leave this home full of memories and all our wildlife friends that remain there...

Horney Packing :-)

15 Aug 2019

Emptying our house...
Now the horns are coming off the walls it's getting serious!

Horney Greenz!

Webshop News!

13 Aug 2019

The RavenTeam has been working on some updates for the Webshop and decided to fully restock the CUSTOM SHIRTS! In celebration of tastefully crafted shirts and oncoming climate change we're also launching a brand new design for our Raven's Eye T-Shirt!
So if you didn't get yours last year or if you're still missing one more for your apocalyptic collection, here's your chance!

Stay tuned for more (top-secret!) goodies to come!

Raventhings on stylish wings
The RavenTeam et OMNIA

Pic by Damien Raven
Model: Spike Evans

Symbolic ART!

10 Aug 2019

Sun, Star of Chaos surfixed by the crescent Moon
Luna-Star shine forth from inside...

Heart of stone, traced with ancient ancestral paths
Skull, Mind throne of bone... for Death lives inside us all,

Shaman sings to the conscious mind
Horns and drumbeat pulse, crazy man chanting

Warrior witch whispering to the subconscious spirit
Arrows and Melody fly forth from sacred strings

together they protect, feed, nurture...

a tattered banner proudly unfurls
speaking the only TRUTH we know:

Good bye old friend... "Packing up our lives part 3"

9 Aug 2019

This is Jenny's Piano...
She learned to play on it when she was 5 years old...
It's too big and heavy to take along so it's not coming with us on our adventures...
The time has come to say goodbye...(it's being picked up and taken away today)
Here's a pic of Jenny saying goodbye to her dear friend for the last time.


Ps: In case you're interested, she was playing "Weltschmerz" while I took this photo...then she started playing "sing for love" and I cried like a little girl...ahem


6 Aug 2019

Design stage... like it?
Greenz n Skullz ;-)

Morphic Resonater

4 Aug 2019

We are all connected!

This is the very first OMNIA amulet which I designed a long time ago.
It incorporates our most precious "Luna star" symbol as well as diverse runic messages in the highly potent "Omnia Runes".*
(The other side is the OMNIA logo, see below in 'comments')

We've distributed and continue to send out many of these little magic amulets from our webshop and our live merchandise (thousands over the years).

Festival of Lies...

3 Aug 2019

I’ve been wanting to talk to you about festivals for a while :-)…
What are they?
In olden days when the world was green, people who lived naturally of the land in small communities, would get together to celebrate the various changes of the season, the harvest of Nature's bounty and the joy of just being together...
They held festivals for this and it was done by "the people" themselves as a pure celebration of shared culture and social togetherness.

Let’s talk about the weather part 13

25 Jul 2019

(WARNING: loooong chronically serious Shaman Sic bloggy with added humorous ranting)

So… Birthday done… thank YOU so much for all the well wishes!, you guys are great! :-) it made me smile and filled me with good vibes.
I had a great day and now I’m officially older and wiser…hahaahaaa!