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Pockets of Peace :-)

20 Nov 2017

I want to tell you something important about the future of OMNIA please SHARE this news:

Jenny and me have decided to do something wondrous and new because the time is ripe for it and we simply have to.
The world, the enviroment and the human condition is changing very fast around us and we need to adapt with it in a positive way to give it a positive twist ;-)

the OMNIA 2018 "Celtic World" Theatre Tour :-)

8 Nov 2017

OMNIA has been busy practicing the upcoming theatre tour, which we will be playing in the Dutch theatres in februari and March of 2018. For this very special tour our old friend Joe Hennon will be re-joining OMNIA with his amazing magical dadgad-guitar playing bringing back the old-school vibe of our original PaganFolk Musick (like you can hear in the songs we recorded on the genre defining albums: "Crone of War" , "PaganFolk" and "Alive!")

PaganFolk Classic

7 Nov 2017

Practicing for the upcoming TheaterTour!!

We’re having a great time jamming
Hope you’re having a good time too!! 

Greeenzzz OMNIA!

Nature is Love... Love is Nature

5 Nov 2017

Don't worry if Life get's you down,
'cause all these mutants make you frown

One day their GREED will turn to NEED
To reap the STORM they sowed the seed

Be happy, humans won't last long
Let Nature fill your heart with song

Keep close to your heart, that which you hold dear
Together we're strong, there's nothing to fear

One thing is forever sure:
Nothing is Sacred ...only Nature

Greenthingz and Love

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct 2017


It's Samhain/Halloween...
The Spirits of the Dead arise this night so we may remember them and pay tribute to the lost souls.

Normally I would say "honour your ancestors and remember them with love" as a true Shaman/Druid should...

but this year, with the Earth getting ready to cut us off from the root of life and our own extinction looming so close in our own faces, let's do a different kind of ritual remembrance...

It is Done...

27 Oct 2017

After more than a year of Top Secret work, Jenny, myself and Christopher Juul have finished creating the most unique OMNIA CD ever!!
Actually this cd and the way it was created is unique in the entire music business (for real)

This is also THE LAST CD production that will EVER come out of Lava Studio 1 in Kopenhagen
Before it is torn down by rampant capitalism and bulldozers.

You will get the whole glorious story from us soon, but for now all you need to know for now is this: