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Red red autumn red

20 Nov 2019

Seasons change reluctantly
(Like the humanmonkeys)

But when the change finally happens...
Oh fecking wow!

Greenz and rusty reds!


17 Nov 2019

Sometimes you meet people on the road and hang out for a while.
You know, to swap stories and spend some quality time in the company of a fellow traveller on the road of life.
Like Črt here... he was hungry, he saw some freaks sitting at a fire in the forest, he needed a bit of friendship and some food... so we provided.

Share what you have with others who may be more like YOU than you realise.

Greenthingz and comfort
Stenny (and Črt)

Live much...

15 Nov 2019

...Consume little.

Stenny in Slovenia

Ps:anyone know these blue mushrooms?

Winter Strawberries...

11 Nov 2019

And before you ask,
nope...that did not used to be normal... erm
But it is now!!

Greenthingz (all year round)

Ps:How's YOUR garden doing?

Pic by Fungle the Gnole

Happy Jenny :-)

8 Nov 2019

I know , I know...we haven't really written anything profound to you in quite a long time now.
If you missed our pagan sillyness and my looong ranting blogs of fear and loathing then please accept my sincerest apologies...

(on the other hand if you're glad I stopped writing because you don't like my words or the message of OMNIA then: too bad sucker! hehehe! :-)

So... where was I ? Oh yes, I am truly sorry for not putting some nourishing food for thought into any of my blogs because I have been too busy thinking... and living... outside of the box, or should I say: outside of the "hamster wheel" which is modern life. So I couldn't actually get anything sensible written down in ages!

So what are we up too now? Do you want to know? Keep reading...
Jenny and me have been travelling/living with friends as well as moving from one temporary rental place to the next (all in beautifull nature in beautifull countries and all as far away from civilization as possible).
And we have now gradually drifted off into another state of being... far from the hustle and bustle of our past life...We've stopped participating in the day to day nonsense that makes up modern society and are getting a whole new perspective on living itself.

Wooly hats

28 Oct 2019

With Samhain approaching and the temperatures (finally!) dropping, the Raventeam aka your trusty Webshop Team, is fully embracing the darker season and its somber's the time of heavy books and hot chocolates. Our home forest emanates a reverent air by now, seemingly inviting us for long walks amidst the crimson leaves and whispers of the others...but in the time of a thinning veil, what's a pagan to do in order to gain protection from the less enticing spirits swirling about?

-the answer is obviously a proper handcrafted wool hat!

I know it's wrong ... but I like it!

22 Oct 2019

It's late octobre... we're roaming around in Slovenia (still looking for land and checking out properties for sale)
This morning we were hiking in rising mists ...and's turned into a wonderfull, balmy, blue sky spring/summer day of around 28 degrees centigrade!
Fecking hot!
Spring flowers are blooming!
The Sun shines brightly!
Bugz are busy buzzing!
While Autumn leaves are falling!
And YES , this is the new reality :-)

Get used to it, 'cause Chaos is the new Normal!

HokaHey and

Check out this video of EMIAN

19 Oct 2019


We would like to share with you the latest video of our good friends of the Italian PaganFolk band EMIAN! Check out their new album, it's a jewel.
Stay folk, stay Pagan ;-)