Dear fans, listeners, kindred spirits, beautiful freaks…

It is sadly not possible anymore to add a message to this guestbook.

All these years, we kept our guestbook (sadly a very old-fashioned thing
in these times) for those who wanted to share their feelings with us via
a different route than social media. But during the past few years, the
amounts of spam we receive and have to delete, have become unmanagable.
You can still write us using the contact form instead of the guestbook.

Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA


Hello Omnia! Love the new design of the website. Keep making wonderful music. Cheers. X


Hi my friends of OMNIA :)
Your new website is awesome!
I'm looking forward to see you in Amersfoort & Berlin!
Greetings from the snowy Berlin! :)

The Whisky-Girl

What a wonderful new website. I like it very much. It's now way easier to navigate. Looking forward to see you at another gig. snowy greetings from Germany

Reina Klap

Dear Stenny/Omnia members, nice new website!!! Love from Reina


Hi ! Loving the new website & Layout :)

Lots of Hugs from me :)

See you guys soon at a show.

kind Regards , Paigey.

Bea Versluis

Hi you all from Omnia, I like your new website, just wanted to say that <3


Congrats on the new website layout! It is looking good. :)
Hugs for the whole team. :)


Welcome to the World of OMNIA website. Feel free to post something in our guestbook.
the World of OMNIA Webteam