Look who's back!

17 Jun 2023

I thought that today would be a good day to write something to YOU, to say we are still alive and happy :-)

Our dear OMNIA buddy Daphyd has come all the way from the flatlands, up the mountain, to visit us here on TERRA OMNIA ;-)
We are jamming, laughing, walking, talking and chilling together in the land of the free where the flowers bloom and the birds sing so sweetly as Life flows gently to the rythms of Nature.

We are not just having fun together for ourselves,
but we have a little surprise for YOU coming soon!

Because as we play together,
we are also making a new Music Video for our latest composition:
"Only Love can tame the Demon"

which will be released in August of this year!

Real Old school OMNIA Pagan Nature-love
made by real people
played on real instruments
for real people!

coming to you real soon...

Hugs, Happiness and Flowers!

Stenny, Daphyd et OMNIA

pic by the Crowdude