Paradise is a Garden...

10 Jul 2023

Paradise is a living, breathing place
A Monastery on a mountain
where trees grow and water flows
where the air is clean and fresh
filled with the magic scents of Nature
and the sounds of Birds and Insects

A place where YOU live
which supplies you with the plants ,herbs, fruits and flowers
that feed and heal your Body and your Soul
A Temple where you find inner peace and contentment

Paradise is "Alive and Being" it is as it should be
When YOU are there,
so are YOU

Paradise is a Garden which teaches you balance
and the meaning of "ENOUGH"
it helps YOU become the "Good Gardener"
YOU leave the blindly running race of humanity
always running, running, running in circles with
or without YOU

You climb the mountain ,
enter the Garden
and form a covenant between just YOURSELF and NATURE  
No safety net, no society, no fear...

Just YOU and Nature... your true Mother

YOU tend to "your" Garden and respect the needs of ALL who live there
You help to build it (and yourself)
into the shape it (you) should be
and as the Garden takes care of YOU and all your most important needs

When that starts to happen...

the garden


Heal the Universe

Paradise is a Garden

Greenthingz from Paradise
Good times and bright blessings for you and yours

Shaman Steve Sic