23 Apr 2023

Nothing is Sacred... Only Nature

Sacred?... what does that actually mean?

Sacred is:

Something that is good and only wishes to guide, protect and nurture us all...
Something you can trust implicitely because it made your body, your soul and your home...
Something that can Create Life and direct and program it for the good of all
Something that made the world and is beyond your tiny comprehension
Something that CANNOT be improved or otherwise altered to make it work better.
Something that is perfect and can sustain us all

Something Divine or Godly


Nothing is EVIL... Only the military- industrial cult

Evil? ... what does that actually mean?

Evil is:

Something that is anti-life and only wishes to mislead, harm and poison us all...
Something you can NEVER trust, because it wishes to damage your body, your soul and your home...
Something that can Destroy Life and mutilate it's creatures, for the misery of all
Something that leeches on the world and tries to hide it's face, but is still visible and knowable.
Something that only wishes the processes of life to break down and to cause misery
Something that is imperfect, badly mutated and needs to suck energy constantly

Something Demonic or Alien


our world is SACRED

WE cannot harm it at all on an individual scale...

The constant Harm being done to the Natural world right now, can only be realistically done with the endless resources and deeply Evil spirit of the Elite-owned, Military-Industrial Complex.

They made and own the soul-sucking internet, the government (any government), all mass production methods of destructive tools/weaponry etc. plus all forms of mass media.

There is no "Global Warming" caused by rising CO2 levels
CO2 levels should be rising much more to help green and heal the world's many wounds
(I am a life-long nature activist and also used to believe the CO2 lies untill I realised the truth)

There is NO "Climate Change" caused by guilty over-consumers who don't recycle enough...
there IS "Extreme Weather Change" caused by the non-stop use of geo-engineering weapons on a global scale (we are not theorising here, we have the proof, this is real...).

There is NO
and there has NEVER BEEN
an ever varying "deadly corona virus"
there is global-government controlled medical and mind poisoning on a MASSIVE (industrial) scale,
causing more and more deaths, depression and misery every day.


We work for the SACRED part of life...
We trust our gut-feelings and we still have faith in our SACRED NATURE


how about YOU?

Greenthingz and Keep your spirit strong as the "War on Nature" rages on around us :-)