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Dear Steve!
Greateful, awesome, very nice artwork (like everything you create)!!!
I'd prefer the patch and the sticker, maybe a teeshirt too!
But would you explain the meaning of the runes on the edge to us, please?
Greenthingz and runes around the wolf

Hi Jan

Sorry for the late reply!
The runes are Steve Sic's own runes, and if you have the album Earth Warrior you can figure out most of them. One day we will publish more about them. For now, just know they are totally cool ;-)

Greenthings Jenny

Dani CosimaTheChaosQueen

I just read your about your new plans... pockets of peace.

you DEFENETLY should talk to Alessandro Ambrosio (Vallehermoso, La Gomera, Canarias, Spain) in March he does a very important workshop on tenerife island about exactly these topics! His idea is called Cellula... maybe its the perfect input - or you maybe create the first OMNIA-Cellula with Allessandro together.

You can find Alessandro on facebook...
Love for your plans and nature! Greetz!

Hi Dani

thank you for your feedback!

We tried looking Allesadro up but could not find him. Please provide a link, we are very interesetd to check out all the ideas of other people!


Jenny / OMNIA

Jaya Krishna

You people are amazing mindblowing performance i really like your music's
I just want to see you people in my life
Try to make show in India Chennai city Tamil nadu are wellcome to our land my number +91 9789707297



Yes to the wolf! Probably as a patch, either cloth or leather. Maybe as a medallion/amulet but the complexity might make it too expensive.

Good luck on your new ventures,



Please, make everything with the new wolf design - ist's awesome!!!


Huhu ! Yes ! I like the new design.. what about patch and t-shirt and hoodie and bag... its wonderful !
hugs from northern germany

Piet Meeuws

Many thanks for the amazing show in Eindhoven last Friday.
I imediately booked tickets for the theater show in 2018.

You inspire me to stay close to me and nature.


I am making a solar car for everybody now


Hello Omnia
your pocket of peace sounds amazing. I hope some day to be able to walk bear foot through the woods at peace with nature.


Dear Stenny,
thank you for the creation of "Pockets of Peace".
I am glad to reconnect OMNIA Spirits (not just musick) by reading of the nature reserve and reoffer you my skills as travelled carpenter and recently cancelled forest-kindergarten-teacher with , ready to arise.

First i thought you decided to beget a child.
In face of the muck of this human reality this seems to be insanity but is biggest hope and confidence in life.

Get your baby!

Jonathan taylor

Omnia reserve great idea. Self sustainability... Things my father and I found to relize this goal. 1 permanent agriculture, a way to grow food and herbs and other enviorment builders to creat an ecosystem that do not need pesticides or active watering. 2 goats they produce milk all year enough for two kids plus another gallon. 3 chickens a good hybrid breed (meat and good eggs). My dad cured his type 2 diabetes by stop eating bread and simple sugars and are eating mostly meats and veggies. Doctors are taught by the pharmisutical companies. Use herbal remedies as much as possible. Cold smoking and salt curing meats, canning, so no refiderator neccesary. Creating everything with nature instead of against it. Lastly creating electity by frequency instead of today's way. It's amazing what homelessness can teach all of us. I hope this helps. love you lots. -The western bears


Dear Omnia, dear Jenny, dear Steve,

I'm a relatively new member of your Pagan Family (I discovered your music in 2016) but i have been meaning to tell you for a long time now things I have been keeping inside ever since I delved deeply into the World of Omnia.
My name is Ma'ayan, I am 17 years old. We met last Winter at your concert in Bochum (it was one of the best times I ever had in my life). Never would I have expected to actually meet and talk to you guys after the show in person, so when this DID happen I was... overwhelmed, to say the least.
Anyway, this is not the point of this letter.
Firstly I would like you to know how much your music means to me. I don't think I've ever listened to music that encompasses my soul and touches my heart in so many ways, on so many levels.
It's also *really* difficult to find music about Mother Earth and "environmentalism" which is not shitty, so... well done guys ;)!
This brings me to my next point. I don't know what it was, or why it is, but I happen to feel immensely connected to Nature, I literally can not live without her.
And no one around me understands.
For a few years now I have been forced to live in a concrete, gray and filthy city full of strange mutant monkeys who are caught in a bubble of materialism and superficiality... If it weren't for my grandmothers place, which lies semi nearby on the countryside, and YOUR music I wouldn't be here anymore.
Life without the magic of nature is pointless to me, I can not find any joy or reason in it. I guess this is why fighting for mother nature is so important to me.
And thus, we arrive at my last point. I just now saw your latest addition to the WorldofOmnia page, the announcement to open a nature reserve.
Honestly, I am shook. This is such a beautiful, sacred and very, very, very much needed idea/plan. I can not wait to meet you guys in the sanctuary as soon as you welcome us there! Even so I'd like to do more than that, I want to help you guys build this project however I can.
(I guess what I am trying to say here is that i'll be waiting eagerly for more details on how we can support you practically!)
You can count on me!
I hope this letter was a positive contribution to your day, for I don't know another way to pay you back for all you've done other than by saying thank you and conveying how much YOU guys all mean to us.
I'll be seeing you on the 1st of March in Venlo!

Until then thank you again, love and, of course, Greenthingz


tommy bendixen

Love and respekt of the music.

Raquel Shakti

I love you from Brazil

Jack (again)


I suggest you make the Raven a little less scary looking since it's really Jenny's avatar/familiar in the person of Morrigan. At least that's what the "classic" OMNIA symbolism has implied. Your own avatar is more the ferocious lone wolf, thirsty for the blood of Little Red.

Autumnal Joy and peace,



Namaste Jenny, Steve (& current conspiring merry mischief makers):
How lovely to encounter your souls once again in our current incarnation ! It is lovlier still to find that you remain your beautiful playful selves, undefeated by the current clusterfuck that the bloody muggles, aka me-hums, aka mutant monkeys (etc. ad nauseum) have managed to create.
Sadly, most of our clansmen that I have encountered during this particular spin on the perpetual reincarnation merry go round are so beaten down and battered by this suck ass shit storm that they're almost unrecognizable.
As you know, we are such a small percentage of the population that It's definitely a struggle for us to avoid feeling isolated. The interviews and your Almost Human clips are especially helpful because it lets the rest of us see that yes there ARE other incredibly silly, clever, witty, artistic and sexy pagan nerds who like to dance skyclad round the fire and boink in the woods, left on Gaia.
The simpering simian simpletons ignored the memos we sent about over-population and how its not sustainable to go forth and blindly multiply no matter what that book you abuse says. (Every sperm is not sacred, you lackwitted fucktards !) So here we are a few millennia later incredibly outnumbered in a real bummer of an existence, but as another famous member of our little tribe once sang, "Muslim or Christian, mullah or pope, preacher or poet, who was it wrote, give any one species too much rope and they'll fuck it up ". Alas, ce la vie. So thank you for existing and for all that you do for Gaia and her inhabitants.

Apologies for being so lasciviously long winded. Bad habits of a library card carrying bookworm.

Here's my first question for you: Have you ever considered doing a Kirtan piece? I'm rather fond of Hindu people, their culture, a lot of different aspects of their religion, their gods and their music The call and response aspect would be a fun way for your audience to participate and I'm fairly confident that Omnia could create some absolutely kick ass Kirtan. (Krishna Das, Jai Uttal & the Pagan Love Orchestra, Snatum Kaur & Wah have done some great stuff that's a bit more musical than what you hear in the temples.)

Second question is Are you planning on doing the Faerie Worlds festival in Oregon again next summer? Found out about you too late to catch you in August.

Third and final question is if you are going to hop across the pond is there possibly a festival or venue that you'd consider in Denver, Colorado? THC is now legal for recreational use there, so that's a bonus. (I'm moving there in spring.) If you're interested, the Gothic theatre is a nice venue. Just saw Chris Robinson Brotherhood (formerly of the Black Crowes)




Are you people Spiritual?

i Love you

Yoda Darkside

Hi Omnia
Found your music this year and all I can say you have changed my life. The message you send has shown me how be a better person and live a pagan lifestyle in touch with mother nature. Thank you for showing me the way and opened my eye and heart to real music.

You guys are amazing!


Stenny et al,

Thanks for taking my advice and getting a guitar player again. 'Ol Joe looks like a great choice, especially if the EU goes bust and he loses his bureaucratic sinecure.



'Ol Jack

Melissa Kelly

HELLOOOOOO OMNIA!!!! Sending many hugs to you all!! I could go on forever regarding your music, which we all know is stellar in every sense. But I, as a fellow Pagan and Earth Warrior would like to thank you for defending our beautiful Mother Earth, bringing social awareness of many. Here's to love, light, music and friends, may we covet our Earth and dance in the end.


Happy Samhain

I found you this year, and you have changed my life. After listening to your music my life has changed for the better. Earth Warrior dug deep inside me and made me realize I was at heart a pagan and I had always been one I was just to mixed up to know it. All I can say is thank you and keep spreading the word and may be its not to later to save Gaia for our children's children.

Make love and be happy