Midsummer Nightmare 2024

22 Jun 2024

It's midsummer!
the lightest and longest day of the year !
(well...at least it should be...ok on this pic it looks as if there's a forest fire going on with a flat grey sky background, courtesy of world wide Geo-Engineering weather control.)

So yeah! midsummer! Oh the memories! the festivals, the hope!

Different Universes... it's all about perception

10 Jun 2024

This is a picture taken in the Magic Realm where we live.
This is in a Flower on a huge plant grown from a teeny tiny magic, living, seedling.
This flower did not exist on our land until I dropped that seed on the ground last year.
That teeny tiny seed (being magical and intelligent) woke up and then started to inter-act with:

-the living Soil of the land on which we stand,

-The Electric Sun which feeds pure energy to all from the sky above us

-The Magnetic Moon that regulates and moves the flow of that energy

The Great Game!

1 Jun 2024

Hi everyone, How are YOU doing?
Jenny and me are doing fine btw. ;-)

It's been a while since I wrote last so I thought it was time for a short chat about cool stuff

Because...I know YOU are worth sharing good cheer and energy with ...so...here goes!

During the last few years Jenny and me have found a great new way to spend our spare time
(apart from running and building a whole homestead with other creatures and taking care of a giant nature garden at TERRA OMNIA and receiving cool guests from around the world)


We love gaming and we're now addicted to playing this great "Game" we discovered!

We started finding out about the full extent of the "Great Game" after the brutal take-over of democracy/reality by the 12 ruling families back in 2020...

We got into playing it by accident, by watching a looong documentary called "what on earth happened?"
so we made our characters fit...

and now we play it non-stop!

It is a fully immersive, live-role playing game that runs 24/7 all year round ...

want to know more about it? read on...

Researcher/Investigator = "Conspiracy Theorist" ?

25 Apr 2024

Have you noticed that language has changed?

I'm talking about an entire "questioning" class of words like these:

Truth seeker,
Whistle blower,
Inspector, etc...

ALL these descriptions have been replaced in the mass-Media Machine, Universities and other world-Government-run agencies by the simple derogative swear-word:


This nasty "stop all conversations in shock", accusative swear-word has power!

What a lovely spring we are having!

17 Apr 2024

The weather was great, 30 degrees centigrade, working half-naked in the hot sun, planting crops , digging gardens, hauling wood, all the fruit trees were in full bloom, the insects and the MANY beez buzzing,

beautifull!, wonderfull healing sunshine was flooding the land

Then the non-existant, totally fictitious, “conspiracy-theory” weather engineering machine went to full power again and the temperature dropped by 30 degrees.

just like that

But because it was “predicted” by the Rockefeller weather institutes it’s all perfectly fine…

"Happiness is the absence of Evil"

2 Apr 2024

Hi everyone!
here's a quick Terra Omnia update

This morning we were both extremely happy, because it was such a pure peace of total calm...
We had actual REAL weather for a few hours this morning!

(can you even remember what real weather is?)

Just being able to see the blue sky without haze and feel the healing energy of the Sun again!

There were Clouds with actual shape!
not just fuzzy a grey purgatory of poison.

Happy New Year everybody! (Sowing the seeds of Love)

22 Mar 2024

The Equinox of Spring is here!
The days are longer than the nights,
the seedlings have awoken,
the birds sing their most precious love songs

..everyone and everything is just bursting with new life!

Fed by the all nourishing, all energising, all powerfull SUN!

The Sunlight is getting stronger and not just because it's spring...it's warmer and more energizing than it was last year, and the year before!
The carbon dioxide is alive and multiplying because of the extra energy.

This is a very good thing  :-)

Do YOU believe in Dark Magic?

26 Feb 2024

I don't...
I have seen and done so much of it personally a life long,
that I simply KNOW that it's real and this is how the world works...

Do YOU feel something odd happening to your mind and body these last weeks? You're Not quite yourself? Sick a lot? Stressed?

Then read on...

Of course I realise that most of you believe in the mainstream religion which is called "THE SCIENCE",
and probably think that Magic is just something for children's books, bad video games and terribly tacky movie-franchises.

New Musick

26 Jan 2024

Working on new musick! 


Inspiring Nature and warm friendship :-)

22 Jan 2024

Things to live for!
We walk in the forest breathing in the vibrant, vegetable, fresh air, that the snow has cleaned for us and left us refreshed!
…ah! life is beautifull… such a great world this is, so well worth fighting for!

We’re very happy today to be with our brother Daphyd again!
He has come to visit us in our isolated little paradise. ..
We’re enjoying the walks ,
the hot drinks
the talks
the laughs
and ofcourse THE MUSIC together!

The Good Days :-)

20 Jan 2024

We live day by day,
no definate plans…
just vague guidelines rule our existence.
So we can take each day just as it presents itself
and we fill it accordingly to how we feel… (like a natural animal)
This is how we live the good life.

every day is different, every day has it’s own magic (be it dark or light)

The whole wide world is at constant war, this we cannot deny or ignore.
(although sadly most of those poor muggles out there STILL cannot accept or even see it…sigh)

A Midwinter Blog

21 Dec 2023

I wish to write something here and now,

for YOU

because it used to be my habit for many many years to blog something everyday...

It's funny, but it seemed the right thing to do at the time,
(for I was young and foolish then and I feel old and foolish now...)

And although I know it's kind of pointless to write a blog, still, I would like to share something with you.

For old times's sake

So...there's a War on Nature... what can I do?

28 Oct 2023

(a short positive blog with usefull information)

This is part of a letter which I wrote to a Magyar friend who lives in Serbia (yo Dori!)
to answer this tricky question...

here's the answer:

The act of creation, as in, making art, music and the joyful construction of pleasant things are all forms of resistance against the overkill of horror and bland pre-packaged illusions that try to overwhelm us.

Writer's block, unblocked, Blog...

25 Oct 2023

Hi again!

A friend of mine asked me when I would blog again, because she missed my little messages and rants online... so for her...and for YOU here goes:
(although I'm not sure you gonna like it!)

Dangerous "Democracy Theories”!

13 Sep 2023

How far can too far go?

So guys ...the WAR on NATURE is really getting silly now...
And all these "Democracy-theories"  being spread on the internet are a serious and dangerous threat to the fight against evil...

It's interesting to see how far the insanity can go in the controlled and traumatised minds of the "obedient and confused masses" sucking up their government programming ... (Govern=Control... Ment=Mind... mind control anyone?)