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Your music is pure..serene... beyond what a human soul can handle.. loved it all... especially Poëtree - Gröne Lunden, Fee Ra Huri... Awesome guys..


I love your music and the message you deliver!! please visit Chile someday.


Gina peschl

Ok, I found your music by chance when home sick from work I 2016. I was in Eugene Oregon - your fist concert in the US, I was at the same hotel and got to have a picture with you all qt the pool, and again at fairyCon in Maryland (not near as beautiful as Oregon) I wanted to say listening to REFLEXIONS - it is great! It’s so hard to be happy in the world these days and well the state of my country is well .... well embarrassing- your music makes me happy and also has brought attention to things I had not considered before. I am not perfect yet I have made changes to my life because I have met you and listened to your words and felt the passion in your music. My generation brought the environment to consciousness yet I think we lost focus, and it all seems so overwhelming. Knowing that you have used your success to bring awareness to issues and that you live your beliefs as well as bring music to the world is refreshing! Just wanted to say Thanks from a fan in Wisconsin USA


Good luck for your searching and tour!
I hope you find this place not so far away from your home!

Greenthings on rolling wheels

PS. We miss your RAVENTIMES newsleter and your performance on stage!!!
Love, Peace, good Times and health!
Take care of yourselfe!


I love much of your music. My youngest son loves "I Don't Speak Human" and sings along when I play it. You guys are absofeckenloutly awesome!!! Rock on!

Juan Carlos Gamboa Quiros

Me gusto mucho su música la acabo de escuchar por primera vez, exitos espero saber mas de Omnia, música con mucha esencia.

Avalon Pagan Centre

Hey guys, just wanted to say your music is amazing! We run Avalon Pagan Centre & Nature Sanctuary in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. Would love to share a link to your page on our website. If you fancy a break "across the pond", come out to our annual Lughnasadh celebration, Avalon Gathering! We will share your music as much as we can. All power to you! Hope you have a fantastic sabbatical and retreat. :)

Gabriel Ferreira da Silva

I'm one of his many fans from Brazil, your songs inspire me. I hope one day to see you playing live, it would be a dream come true. hugs and greetings!


i came across fee ra huri and i was blown away by the entire song. the drums and flute alone for some reason gave such a primal feeling. i love it


Ever since I have heard Fee Ra Huri I have questions, I Love the song it is definitely one of those get up and get excited songs, but I wonder if the words have translation or if this was done to be energetic and silly. I love it. when I feel de-energized I pull it up and 9/10 times it pulls me from my funk. All of your works are amazing My husband and I enjoy listening to your music, your latest Suck My Flute.... AMAZING! I love that the video is quite captivating as well, as always. ^.^ well take care.
Merry Ye Meet, Merry Ye Part, Merry Ye Meet Again,


Hey guys,
Cheers and love from germany and thank you so much for your amazing music. It's so inspiring and i really hope i can hear you live soon, the atmosphere and the magic of your concerts is amazing.

I'd love to know if there is any possibility to get the harp notes for some of your songs? I'm learning to play the harp and i'd love to play your music, especially "Xtatica" - my best friend and i share a lot of memories bound to this song, so i'd love to play and sing for him by myself.

Cheers and blessings,

Amanda S. Asnicar

I stumbled upon one of your songs some time this summer and was instantly hooked! I had no idea there was a pagan band with such musical flavor as yours, and now I find it is a taste I simply can't get enough of! You guys are amazing! I hope to get to see you guys live some day :D
Much love from the frozen North that is Alaska! Blessed Be.

Nathaniel N Moschkin

Your music is so endearing to me. I'm so surprised it took me so long to discover you... but we don't get a lot of European Pagan Folk music in America... and I haven't been hunting for new music for a while. But I'm very glad to have found you. I wish I could see you perform live!


Wow, just wow. I found your music surfing you tube. I am sure that you have heard this over and over but your music touched my heart and has re-ignited a process of learning to be true to my heart and to myself. Thank you sincerely for that.
Love from Kansas USA
Keep the music coming!

Honza a Janka

Great band... I like you... Pls concert in Czech republic.... :)

Moah Bittencourt

Great music and great performances. Astonishing movement of extreme good taste. Thank you!


Hey guys, I just thought I'd tell you that I LOVE your music! You guys, and any girls, are Incredibly Amazing!


Вы очень классные! Спасибо за то что вы делаете! У вас шикарные голоса и веселые песни, которые поднимают настроение даже в самый серый день! Люблю вас, дорогие! Привет из Сибири!


Jestem pod wrażeniem waszej muzyki. jesteście super. A Jenny wymiata. Buziaki dla Jenny i uściski dla super zespołu

Ron Guptill

hey again. the weather here in Oregon is sickening. Over here, If the daytime temperature after Mabon gets and stays above 21.c for a week or so, we call it Indian summer. A rarity in years past. Not so rare in recent years. This years outrages. In the month since Mabon, We've only had TWO! days below 21c. the green things don't know what to do, the sun shines and there is no rain, they can't sleep in the heat, and they have no drink for their long journey thru the dark mother's season. And there's no end in sight.
Massive die off the bumble bees, only now being listed as endangered. Incredible damage from hurricanes and floods across the country. But Trumpty Dumpty and his cronies around the world "Love Coal". (see his campaign stickers) So they'll level forests in Germany, strip mine the land. Here they have coal mine fires that have been burning fifty years. They can"t put them out. I wonder how far away the new shafts are being dug.
And when the sea level rises, the rich will move to higher ground. The rank and file followers of the abomination Trump and his ilk around the world will drown right along side of the innocents, the wild life, the flora and fauna. the life of all the mother's creation, that they have betrayed. And the spirits of the next realms, are not pleased with them for their betrayal of creation.
But I bitch. The good outweighs the evil, if only by a mote. My continuing transformation proceeds apace. went to my first pagan pride day for Mabon. First time saying "I'm looking for a witch." didn't get me stink-eyed. Circle danced and shouted to spirits of the harvest. Greeted and was greeted with "merry meet". Got ideas, and signifigant items, for an alter.
And now I have an Altar! Me, baffling and wondrous, I lift my eyes, and look at it now. Consecrated to the aspects of the Mother, Brighid, Morrigan (Who's much more than just the crone of war) , ancient beyond time Cailliach, and the four directions. Much positive power.
And only today I got into my first pagan online group. I know I'm not alone. And I realize that I've been a pagan in all but name,(even when a hardcore Christian until their Holy Spirit filled me and I had to give up the conceits of being a Christian.) my entire life.
And I still blame and thank you. "I don't speak human" hooked me. "Earth Warrior" made me face my "Pagan". And "Naked Harp" in the darkness communing with the spirits, decided me. To leap so willingly down this rabbit hole. I'll get you for this my pretties.
But now, I'm going out in the night, lift my eyes and hopefully watch creations meteor display. Taranis is set for the night. Hopefully sister Luna Won't shine too bright.
All good things to you.