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Thank you for the wonderful concert in Selb. I want you to know that your performances there are a source of strength and inspiration to me every single year. I've seen you on other festivals, and I always enjoyed, but I feel that you are truly enjoying yourselves in Selb, and it shows.
Also I teared up and almost cried when you played Bran. That's never happened before, and it caught me completely off guard. It was beautiful.
Anyway, thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.


Great music and very strong live performances!i see some jethro tull influences also...keep up the good work,stay free and happyQ


Stenny and Omnia,

Glad to see you're having such excellent gemuetlichkeit at Festival-Medieval. And yes, Dikanda does have a cool sound combining haunting melodies with Eastern European instrumentation and neat vocalizations.

Meanwhile, back here in the heart of Trumpland, following the great solar eclipse, we've been busy surviving the karmic Wrath of Gaia in the form of two major AGW-fueled hurricanes. Just because our leader tore up the Paris accord...

Anyway, enjoy your cake and safe-home to your little forest. (Is it the last one in the Neverlands?)



So happy about dancing together with you to Dikandas wonderful music and enjoying your fantastic evening gig yesterday at Mediaval. Don't stop sharing your thoughts and music with us. Chris


This is awesome work Omina some times the most attractive stage music we heard ever .grate work and congratulation from sri lanka

Lydia Kloosterman

Because i have no way to reach you except here wanting to let you know my sister Christa must have surgery done (heart) next week.Can i please ask for some good thoughts from you Steve, Jenny? Sending you hugs and hope to see you in future.

Nara NitA

Please come to Brazil we Luv your music and come and eat açaí icecream u Will Luv It guys let's save brasilian Forest !!!!!


Aan Omnia,

Ik heb jullie leren kennen op het klein maar doch zo fijne festival Celtic Night te Geluwe Belgie editie 2017.
Jullie brachten een mooi spektakel en een muzikaal hoogstandje.
Het publiek was razend enthousiast door jullie vibes...
Ik was onder de indruk van hoe jullie deze instrumenten beheersten en hoe deze samenvloeiden tot één mooi geheel!

We zien elkaar zeker terug.

Bedankt voor de muziek !
Het gaat jullie goed.


Ola Omnia! Super dat jullie weer on tour zijn! Purmerend was amazing! Met een hele enthousiaste familie kring willen wij naar de Celtic tour. Weten jullie of er een optreden staande gepland op Castlefest? Zo niet gaan we boeken in Hooffdorp. Als jullie het weten!

cindy wallace

I have been waiting to see you in Oregon for years...Saturday August 26th you put on an incredible show at Faerieworlds at Horning's Hideout. You all were awesome and can't wait till you come back. Thank you for spending a bit of time in Oregon...we love you all!


Thank you just for doing this music. I found you today and just felt in love -Nora


Please! Come to Israel!!! We want your music!!!!

Roy Schückel

Hey, we all (me and all my friends) love Omnia. We are from Germany and miss you at the MPS. When do you do a concert near Dortmund .... can't find anything. You have a lot of fans here and I wish to see you here sometimes.


Hey Omnia!
Ik heb een citaat uit jullie "Call me Satan" gebruikt op een webpagina van mijn site:
Hopelijk hebben jullie daar niks op tegen?
Bedankt voor jullie muziek! Wanneer een optreden in Bretagne?


I like your music and the fact, that you are authentic. I saw you at the MPS in Hamburg Öjendorf. I know, that from your point of view the MPS is not a perfect place. But despite of the lack in Bio-Food there are people who like your music and your opinions. They try to avoid garbage and they are trying to spend a day in the illusion of escaping the modern world with its commercials, companies, television and other technological stuff. But I also can understand that you do not want to be a part of an illusion. Brave.

Danielle Britton

Hey Omnia! In response to you post titled 'Earth Warriors of Light!', I say 'yes please, yes you should give us advice about how to fight the battle for the Earth!'

Pattie Duir Mccool

Oregon is looking forward to having Omnia here. Your music and energy are rare and wonderful. Safe travels.


Hoi Omnia! Ik kom al sinds het eerste jaar bij Castlefest, en ben zelfs blijven gaan toen ik naar Zweden verhuisde toen ik 10 was, 9 jaar geleden. Dit jaar gaan we daar niet meer heen, dat is het totaal niet waard zonder jullie daar. Het zou wel super leuk zijn ald jullie een keer in Zweden komen spelen. De hele pagan community hier is gek op jullir muziek.... Groetjes Sterre


Dear Omnia,

I have been curious for awhile now but where did Mr. Fluffy come from? He seems to make numerous appearances with y'all. What the story? Perhaps mystical in origin? Hahaha

Thank you and I hope all is well.



Carlos (Sigrid Fjölnir)

Hola, un saludo a todos los integrantes de Omnia y a todo el Mundo, su música y género Pagan Folk me gusta lo tomo como una forma de vivir, si me pidieran cambiar mi casa por una pequeña chosa en los verdes valles de Irlanda lo haría sin dudar porque no me interesa lo material sólo lo verde de este hermoso mundo eso que los humanos an estado acabando lentamente con su progreso, su ambición por la riqueza y el poder.